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(George Altham) #1

I would love to see an iPad app with an expanded pulse view and more ways to audit my spending. The Natwest iPad app actually gets a lot of the right (shocking I know!) by differing from the phone app with extra graph and overview features.

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(Colin Robinson) #2

Sounds like a very good idea but I’d want to be able to password protect the app. With the phone I (nearly) always know where it is but my iPad gets passed around in the family a bit.

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #3

Definitely agree here - a universal Mondo application would be hugely beneficial.


Yes, that would be great. I currently run mine off an iPad, lacking an iPhone. That’s okay for me as my iPad doesn’t get shared, but it’d be nice to have a password/pin/whatever lock on the app itself as basic security.


(Adam Hockley) #5

pretty pointless banks dont have ipad apps


Banks also don’t have many of the other features Mondo’s app has - that’s not a reason not to expand the scope.
Although I do think that it should be a stretch goal rather than a main objective :slight_smile:

(bobford) #7

Barclays have a good iPad version of their mobile banking app

(bobford) #8

I agree - it would be useful.

(Kester Leek) #9

Santander have an excellent iPad app. Much prefer fiddling with my finances on there to my phone or computer.

(Gareth Lewis-Jones) #10

This would be very useful. I used the Natwest app a lot currently. If promoting yourself as an app based bank, it would make sense to create the app for a device such as iPad for people to use a bigger screen. Graphs and extensive lists of transaction are easier to see on bigger screen.

Can we have a reply from someone from Mondo here? Is it on the roadmap?

(Christopher J. Sladdin) #11

Perhaps @hugo might be able to shed some light on this suggestion and whether it might make it on to @tristan’s Mondo Roadmap?

(Tristan Thomas) #12

I imagine it’s something we’ll do in the future but I can’t see it being in the near future, just because there’s so many other things to work on (building a bank, finishing Android app, more features on iOS etc) and the benefit is not huge. So IMO (and I may be proved/told wrong :wink: ), it probably won’t be in 2016.

(Aimee Challenor) #13

I’m also looking for a monzo iPad app. I’ve got both apps on my phone at the moment, but sometimes I’ll leave that at my desk and take my iPad with me. It’d be great to be able to manage my monzo accounts on it. At the moment I’m running the iPhone app on my iPad, but ti’s not the best solution.

(Martin James) #14

I find I am using the iPad more than the iPhone these days, maybe an age thing and eyes aren’t as good but the increase in ease of use and features between for example the Barclays app for iPhone/iPad are beneficial, a Monzo iPad version would be wonderful and we could grow old together :slight_smile:

(Rob Stanford) #15

I’ve recently ditched my smartphone and now only use an iPad at home. I’m keen to see a Monzo iPad app sometime in the future!

(Super-cali-fragi-listic-expiali-docious) #16

This is why I would suggest web next. There’s so many platforms and building an individual system for each takes time. A web platform, though also takes time makes Monzo accessable from any platform with internet access.


such as Windows Mobile…so then could ditch my other phone I have just to access banking apps


Tablet app more to the point. Currently the Android app does not work on my Samsung tablet. Would be good to have for Android rather than the usual iOS First approach.

(MikeF) #19

But the iOS team might as well do something while waiting for the other team to catch up… :wink:

(Joe Wood) #20

My Gran had to wait 5 days to get access to her ‘normal’ banking app after forgetting her pin one to many times. This involved her actually physically going to the bank in the nearby town (FYI she uses sticks when walking). In the world I live in, this is not acceptable, so I suggested using Monzo, at least for a backup account so she will always have access to something quickly, even if she were to forget two account pins. Sadly, she does not have a smartphone what she does have is an iPad. She finds it easy to use and gives her access to things she has never been able to access before. She even attends an iPad skills evening class once a month in her village where a lot of people have an iPad and not a smartphone.

I think making a tablet application could potentially give user’s like my Gran access to a tool which would prevent her from feeling financially trapped and isolated than she is already is.

Plus one for me.