Display CVV in app


Currently I can not see any mention of my CVV in the app.

I want to spend money online without needing to carry around my physical card like some noughties pleb, common guys!

Which banks show CVV in the app?

Starling: YES
Revolut: YES
Monzo: NO




Its only 3 numbers, fairly easy to memorize.
I suppose it couldn’t hurt to include it in the app though along with the card number.

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(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #3

Not if you don’t have that ability or it has been hampered in some way.


(Sarcasm is the finest form of wit.) #4

Yeah I’d like to see this too.

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Fair point, never though of that.



3 numbers is hard to memorise these days with the amount of email addresses, usersnames, PINs, passwords etc there are for other services.

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Lastpass is good for saving passwords and logins, works for PC and Android/IOS.
You can also save your CC info and delivery address so you don’t need to keep filling it in when paying for stuff online.

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