✅ Display CVV in app

Currently I can not see any mention of my CVV in the app.

I want to spend money online without needing to carry around my physical card like some noughties pleb, common guys!

Which banks show CVV in the app?

Starling: YES
Revolut: YES
Monzo: NO


Its only 3 numbers, fairly easy to memorize.
I suppose it couldn’t hurt to include it in the app though along with the card number.


Not if you don’t have that ability or it has been hampered in some way.


Yeah I’d like to see this too.

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Fair point, never though of that.

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3 numbers is hard to memorise these days with the amount of email addresses, usersnames, PINs, passwords etc there are for other services.


Lastpass is good for saving passwords and logins, works for PC and Android/IOS.
You can also save your CC info and delivery address so you don’t need to keep filling it in when paying for stuff online.


Hi all

I am so sorry if this has been posted before (I searched but couldn’t find anything!). Love being able to get my card number in-app but it’s a little useless without the 3 digit security number.

Any chance of adding this in, similar to Starling?

Thank you!

Post about this can be found here: Display CVV in app

This is one of those swings and roundabouts issues.

  • On the swing - easy to enter online payment details in full without needing the physical card, easy to rip someone off if you get access to their unlocked phone running the Monzo app without further authentication
  • On the roundabout - harder to enter online transactions (albeit one field), almost impossible to get access to the Monzo account unless it is your identical twin who knows your card PIN but doesn’t have your card and is trying to get access (no CVV = the need to submit a selfie using the Monzo app camera access, so it has to match the selfie you took at sign up which Monzo has on file otherwise, no access thank you)

I prefer the roundabout personally. You can always note down the CVV in code or under further authentication* using a notes/text app on your phone if you really can’t remember it or prefer to have it on your phone so you don’t need the card with you at all times. The chances of someone discovering this even with access to your phone are very slim. Freezing your account once you realise your phone is missing/nicked will probably happen quicker.

*There are apps available which provide secure access to personal information


Hi David

All very good points raised - which makes me think whether this should be an option rather than a standard…

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An aside but please don’t use Lastpass especially when far superior alternatives such as Bitwarden exist. I regret ever getting involved with Lastpass but thankfully it’s easy to migrate/evolve.

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What’s wrong with Lastpass?

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I use 1Password to manage most my stuff, which is where it lives at the moment for me. However it would be pretty nice to have it in the app to go properly cardless with Monzo.

Starling show it when you reveal card info, so it can’t be breaking any MasterCard rules to show it, would be a nice to have!


They’ve been hacked before. At the time they stored all the password data on their servers, so users had to change their master password - the critical password that you NEVER want compromised with a password manager as that they compromises everything else.

I use 1Password myself. Because my vault is hosted on my a different server and 1Password just points to it, a hack of 1Password (if it ever happens) wouldn’t expose my passwords because they’d also have to hack the non-1Password site where my vault is.

Er, where to begin? First hits on google cover it pretty comprehensively.

  • Closed source

(To be honest this is the only point you should need but I’ll go on…)

  • V expensive phone app
  • UI is intrusive and badly designed
  • Removed dropdown menu forcing you to scroll through vault
  • Web-vault non-responsive
  • 2FA horribly broken on website
  • Removed Favourites
  • Recently Used broken
  • Can’t use many multiple logins
  • Over sensitive IP geolocation
  • App can’t add new sites
  • One button for copy results in unnecessary clicks
  • No third-party security audit
  • No FIDO U2F
  • Forced cloud backup
  • Has been hacked
  • Add new site broken
  • Allows auto fill theft
  • Doesn’t accept many types of CSV for import
  • No Windows/Linux app

I could continue…

1Password is also closed source and a total rip off.

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Will have to agree to disagree on that one, moved to 1Password from KeypassX. The app’s UI/UX and responsive team to adding new features make it worth it for me.
Not so worried about the closed source-ness as there’s a security whitepaper available on it. But at the end of the day, different people prioritise different things.


Yes this would be a good feature but iPhone Safari lets you save your card details and they can auto complete payment fields or you can go to settings to view the card details (including CCV).

Not sure if there is an alternative on Android but there probably is. CVV in Monzo app wouldn’t hurt though.


Just had to pay for parking using my starling card as I needed CVV - sad day


Ok a year later! Where are we on this?

I’ve just lost my card - again.

In the meantime I have to use Revolut or Halifax.

Maybe a function to text to your phone?

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