IFTTT for Joint accounts

iv used IFTTT on Monzo a little and its been fantastic but i don’t use my account much.
But i do use the Joint account all the time and wish i could have IFTTT on it too
is there any of you wishing for this?

I wish it will work too on joint account

Me too. Voted :+1:

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Unfortunately, after the inital fanfare, IFTTT has been completely neglected by Monzo.

It was hoped that after @kieranmch did a talk about it or something that maybe it was see a revival but that hasn’t happened and any mention of it is simply ignored.


It’s the Monzo way. Same with international transfers.

and Merchant Enrichment :frowning:

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Ahh another half baked feature. I’m trying to get my bill finances under control and was hoping IFTTT might be the solution but there isn’t any support for joint accounts.

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Is there any update on this? I see Monzo is advertising the IFTTT integration on Instagram now. It’s probable that customers are finding out the hard way joint accounts are not supported.


This is disappointing. One of my main reasons for opening a joint account was some of the IFTTT features. Only to find we can’t use them. :worried:


Hi There - yes please i would also like to see the IFTTT integration for joint accounts - we dont use the individual accounts - so having the overall spend by supplier/merchant sent to both of us would be useful and also the coffee tax! Many thanks

JA parity does not seem to be a priority for Monzo. The vast majority of JA holders see their JA as the primary account. Could someone at Monzo please get us a JA roadmap.


I’m all for parity but not sure that the “vast majority” is true. Do you have some sort of source for that? Not picking on you I’d just be genuinely interested to see any evidence that could be used as rationale for dropping work on CA or business accounts to work on JAs.

I use both CA and JA for DDs, daily spending, SOs and some saving. Other than splitting transactions I’ve not really hit any issues on the JA and if a committeed spending pot came to JA I’d have no reason to use IFTTT on there particularly.


Fair point, my “vast majority” comment was unqualified but as we only operate with a JA (and have done so for 30+ years now) would hope for feature parity (not just IFTTT) with personal accounts.


And I think one of the key aspects for Monzo to remember is that for some people they only have a CA because its mandated whereas with other institutions they would just have a JA.

What is positive is there have been Monzo staff on here that have said they individually hope for more to go into the JAs before features are released and that would hopefully bring better alignment in the future.


This doesn’t really carry much weight in my opinion and I can’t say there has been much evidence of it either. There is a growing list of features that aren’t available for joint accounts, so what some staff members might “hope” for isn’t really much of a consolation


I’d like to see this too. Probably the missing feature for JA that has some value.


Up voted definitely. This would be superb especially around Merchant triggers from our local supermarkets.

Initial thought on some potential work arounds would be to

  1. extract funds from your relevant pots in your personal account using IFTTT
  2. then leveraging the native app payment scheduler functionality to dump it into your Joint Account via Faster Payment.
  3. Queue various scheduled payments in your Joint Account to divide up your funds into your respective pots. I.e.

On (1st month @ 2300) extract £1,000 from “Personal Pot A”

(Monzo Payment Scheduler - PERSONAL ACC)
On (2nd month) pay £1,000 to “Joint Account Details”

(Monzo Payment Scheduler - JOINT ACC)
On (3rd month):

  • add £300 to “Joint Pot A”
  • add £500 to “Joint Pot B”
  • add £200 to “Joint Pot C”

Then use payment scheduler to withdraw from pots the day before payments are due out from your Joint acc :man_shrugging:t2:

The missing piece of the puzzle from the native Monzo functionality is setting a time for payments. I’ll raise that in another thread…

Don’t forget that the IFTTT applets are just based on code using their API! If you are able to do some basic programming you could create your own custom programmes.

You can access your personal or joint account, and any one of your pots!

Some nice people on the internet have created some useful tools to help access this whether or not you’re massively programming literate, such as muyiwaolu on GitHub.

I’ve created a setup in Node-RED to do some automatic stuff with my Monzo, such as moving what’s leftover of my weekly budget into a pot when a new week starts. I’ve started to upload these onto GitHub to hopefully help others :slight_smile:

Hope this is vaguely helpful considering the hole that Monzo seem to have put us in with the IFTTT support

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I think my girlfriend will love me kicking our money around in the joint account with some scripts :joy:

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Haha at least she’ll be able to see it all in the app!