Pot to Pot transfers

So hopefully I haven’t missed the blinkin’ obvious here but I’d like to be able to transfer money from Pot to Pot.

For example: my round up pot is looking healthy so I’d like to move some of it to a pot with a saving goal. At the moment I have to do two transfers instead of one.

I think a good implementation would be:


I agree, I’ve spent a couple of minutes trying to press and hold either image before coming here and posting :smile:


My bank in new Zealand had functionality like this. You literally dragged and dropped from where you wanted the money to come from, to where you wanted the money to go to while on the overview screen. It then automatically went into a transfer screen to key in the amount. Loved it. Intuitive, simple, elegant. You could do it with payments to others too from your favourites / regulars.

Would love to see this! Transferring between pots is so clunky right now… :disappointed_relieved:


Would love to see something like this. I split the round up pot in half at the end of each month and put it I to s different pit. Being able to automate all of this would be sweet.

Lots of people bank in different ways so would be surprised if they looked at this down the line. I would also like to see a scheduled payment for a percentage not just a balance as well.


Must admit, slightly amazed basic functionality such as this still doesn’t exist.


Aaahhhh, Why can’t I just simply move money from one pot to another, this is so frustrating.

Another bonus would be the option to set a transfer from one pot to another when the set goal amount has been reached.

These pots really need looking at and improving.

I’m soooo frustrated with these Monzo Pots


same here. I have a pot open that I can withdraw instantly and a pot that’s savings so takes 1 working day to withdraw - so I have to withdraw, wait a day, move back into a different pot from main account…

Pot to pot seems so simple!

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Allow me to move money between pots as opposed to back to my main account and then into another pot


On top of this I would also like to specify where to get the money when I transfer. Something like: