Joint Account cards should be different colour!

So have just received my new joint account Monzo card… exciting times. However it has come in the same colour as my personal debit card! I think I’m gonna find it a bit difficult to differentiate between the two as the only difference is the numbers…
Unless I missed the option to change colour, I hope there will be an option soon to get another joint account card sent but of a different colour!


Same colour but it will say joint on it when they’re ready


Here’s a sneak peek:

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Definitely didn’t say joint on ours… :confused:

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No. Once the new cards are ready you will get them. They are being made at the moment

Use a sharpie to mark them until then :wink:


Monzo decided to issue what cards they have right now to make sure you could use the Joint Account whilst it is in the testing phase. When it is launched properly, they will have the labelled cards @Rat_au_van and @Jackcrwhitney pointed out.


As monzo develop their own back end system is there any reason why the joint and personal accounts can’t use the same card? You essentially just select the card you want to pay with.


Ahh, thanks for clearing that up!

In theory yes it could be done, this is similar to how Curve works:

It could be very slick! But a lot of users may forget what account is currently connected to the card when they make a purchase or may not be able to swap it over if they are somewhere with no internet connection.

So for now it’s a card per account but who knows in the future that could change!


It’s not great that they’re the same colour. It’s a shame they couldn’t have reversed the colour, but hot coral on white would look awful. Maybe they should change the lettering to black on normal cards, and then the joint cards could be hot coral on black, which would be really smart. Instead of black, you could use the blue on the left of the logo


They could have a big J in a slightly darker or lighter shade of hot coral. I think that would look quite neat.


Or just any colour from their logo so it’s clear from first glance instead of it just being small font in the corner.


Nah, too much faffing with the app. Just assign two PINs to the one card, then whichever PIN you enter debits the correct sole/joint account. Bunq do this in the Netherlands.

Contactless defaults to always one account.



That is a super neat solution!

Or maybe something similar to the MasterCard display but with less buttons? I’m not really sure how I feel about that…

In app seems to be the easiet solution but there are so many situation where it is not viable…

Ugh I hate the look of that.

The article states that it is (was?) in use since 2013. I wonder if it caught on? Maybe @evangelskies or @brenda saw one in the wild in Singapore? I have a suspicion there’s a reason we’re not all carrying one these days…

Why couldn’t the app just incorporate that functionality? Or Google Authenticator app, which works offline?

Both are way better than having 2 cards.
It should be fairly simple to do. And not a million miles away from what TransferWise does, one card 4 accounts.


I’ve never seen one in the wild. Not many people are with Standard Charted, usually they opt for more local banks. I’ve always assumed it was a bank for medical insurance and things like that.

We have those annoying tokens for bank transfers that I hope will go away soon and I don’t really see the point of needing 2FA to make payments. I really hope UK banks don’t introduce this- especially when Singapore is trying to move away from this too.

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Me either, but I’m actually from Malaysia! :malaysia:

Oh I’m sorry @brenda!

I did actually do a search as I thought you’d said you were from Singapore, and the result showed the sentence “I say this as a Singaporean” – now I realise the search result included a quote from Eve that wasn’t formatted as a quote in the results! :man_facepalming:


When I started seeing posts about the card design for joint accounts I expected there had actually been some design work done but its the same as before with a bit of additional text. I do think its a shame Monzo didn’t choose a different colour/design for their joint account cards.

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