Monzo Extra, Perks & Max (2024) for Joint Accounts

2024 update: All references to ‘Plus’ below are historical and are now ‘Extra’, ‘Perks’ or ‘Max’

While Monzo Plus (2020) for Joint Accounts has been discussed in other topics, there doesn’t seem to be a direct topic to vote for such a feature. So here it is.
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I’m sure many of you will be aware that I use only a Joint Account as the sole Monzo account, and while I have the current Plus on my Personal Account, I don’t use my PA (neither does my SO). So Plus is realistically a waste of money for me at this stage. Possible cancellation upcoming…

But what if Monzo expanded Plus to include Joint Accounts? :crossed_fingers: Now that would be good.

And then comes the discussion of the charges for Plus with a JA:

  • Charge one Personal Account user? (same as Plus is now, charge taken from PA, but both JA users get Plus features)
  • Charge both Personal Account users linked to a JA? (a little extreme considering my SO would never use Plus features)
  • Charge only the Joint Account so that both users get the features? (charge for Plus taken from JA & both users get access to same account-based Plus features)

It’s got to be the third option - charge the Joint Account. After all it’s just one account, like a Personal account is.

I’d welcome - and want - Plus to include Joint Accounts. Come on :monzo:, make it so!


I’ve voted for it but first step has to feature parity with the solo account, right??


I agree fully. But there are already existing Feedback topic for ‘xxx for Joint Accounts’ so I didn’t want to duplicate the existing ones;

and the all-winning…

There are a few more Feedback topics regarding Joint Accounts, but the above list covers most of them and if Monzo Plus was available, it’d see off a few of the lower voted requests (6 votes or less)


As recent events will tell us. Just because we vote, doesn’t mean we will get it.

I’m all for plus on joint accounts though!


Sadly from the Twitter thread that someone just posted, this statistic came up:

Though I wonder if they surveyed those who do have plus and Joint Accounts how many would say they would want it for Joint too.


I imagine that also doesn’t take into consideration all those who didn’t even bother to attempt to start the to Monzo Plus sign up process, like myself, because I know it doesn’t support joint accounts.

Here is an idea. What if they added the “Upgrade Account” button to the Joint account page like on the Personal Accounts have, then when people click it there is a “sign up to joint account plus waiting list” option. That would give you a more accurate way to gauge demand.


It’s a stupid metric for ascertaining joint account interest. You can guarantee most of them 6% signed up not knowing it wasn’t for joint accounts.

A little optional in app survey, which pops up after you’ve opened the “upgrade” page and subsequently clicked off it without upgrading to plus, asking why you didn’t go for it would be a better way to gauge people’s interest…


Not particularly helpful language if you want folk like @richardcadman engaging

You can’t though, can you? They can see more than we can, and have asked more people than us

Folk here ask for (more) transparency and then slam the details when they get it


For the record, I would like Plus for joint accounts myself, but I can accept that in these tough times they need to prioritise their time in a way that will keep things viable (for example, maybe adding American Express first keeps enough folk hooked into Plus to allow the team capacity to add other features)


I don’t disagree overall, but just imagining the “I’ve been on the list for months, why is it not done” comments already


Well you are a real charmer aren’t you?

How about actually making your point without problematic language?

It’s okay to disagree, but just dumping on something is not really that


I didn’t flag any posts, but we move on

I was holding out for JA Plus. Following that tweet I have now cancelled my plus subscription as almost all our spending is on the joint account. How frustrating.

It’s a real shame too, I genuinely don’t think they are getting the right audience for polling there either.

Reminds me of the Cheque imaging statistic that comes up sometimes - only a very small percentage of our user base uses cheques - and that’s probably because those who do pay them use Starlings cheque imaging…


Agreed, seems odd

Huge customer base with joint accounts. Adults tend to earn more and have greater savings too.

Drama of monzo plus continues. I want to give Monzo my money but they won’t let me!! Odd situation.


Yeah baby

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:man_shrugging:lol, it is a catch-22 - I can’t win :point_up:

Just to repeat what I said on Twitter, we haven’t decided our prioritisation yet. Our staff - and particularly our senior execs, as you can see from Jonas (CTO) and Andy (VP Engineering) tweeting about it - are heavy joint account users (as am I). We have a very vested interest in building it, but we want to be objective about the prioritisation.

Here are the data points I’m looking at, to help us be objective:

  • Survey from 3,000+ customers who dropped out of the sign-up funnel without upgrading (and reasons they gave for not signing up)
  • Survey from ~ 200 customers who cancelled Plus (and reasons they gave for cancelling)
  • Survey from 1,000+ customers who still have Plus (and what features or improvements they want to see next)
  • What people are saying on the forum, instagram and twitter

Joint accounts don’t have to come top of the customer requests list to be prioritised either. As some of you mention there are other reasons to prioritise them - like how long it takes to build, for example.

Anyway, feel free to challenge the methodology, just preferably constructively :grimacing: .

On that note. Just to be clear @Chris7, what you’re suggesting is exactly the data point I posted on twitter. As I said “We surveyed 3,000+ people who dropped out of the funnel for Plus and only 6% was due to JAs” => that is people who opened the upgrade page and subsequently clicked off it without upgrading. We asked them why they didn’t sign-up :upside_down_face: .

This kind of feedback is super helpful, as it helps us scope out how we’d build it and how long it’d take. With some confidence that we’d be building it in the way you expect! Helping us spot things that might break when it moves onto a Joint Account too would be appreciated :pray:


In that case I apologise.

The way it was worded came across as “3,000 who left/ cancelled plus got asked why”. NOT “3,000 who didn’t go ahead with plus in the first place got asked why”.

So what I suggested, that would seem to be a better metric, was in fact what had happened.

Just a misunderstanding on your post.


Hopefully Monzo Plus for Joint Accounts will be a thing then one day!

As longstanding sole account holders going back to the pre-paid card days, we have always used those accounts for day to day discretionary personal spending.

Our main bank account, for receiving income and making bill payments by DD, has been a joint account for 30 odd years. Having been a triallist of the Monzo Joint Account, we finally decided about 6 months ago that Monzo had matured enough to take over as our “main bank” and moved all our incoming payments and outgoing DDs over.

So, the features of Monzo Plus would now be very useful to us - BUT on what is now our main bank account, not really bothered about having it on our sole accounts because we now see those accounts as a sort of adjunct to the main joint account. Maybe this is an unusual way to look at operating both joint & sole personal accounts that has been overlooked? I dunno really…