Joint Account - Existing Monzo Plus Member

Hello All,

I am not sure if this has been discussed anywhere else so here goes. I am looking to get a Joint Account with Monzo, however, I already have Monzo Plus. Will I still be able to use my own Monzo Plus Card for this Joint Account or will I have to take on a new Monzo Joint Account Card?

Any Help with this would be really appreciated.

Thanks All :slight_smile:

You’ll get a new joint account card for the joint account, but will keep your Plus card for your personal account.

Okay, this is good to know thank you. Out of curiosity, are Monzo working on some kind of Monzo Plus Joint Account or the ability to integrate the features of Monzo Plus onto a Joint Account?

They said single accounts were the priority but would look at joint accounts

I would say it’s a way off the feature parity between joint and single accounts leave a lot to be desired.


This definitely leaves me in the position to consider other options that are more feature rich. If I could have the Monzo Plus experience with a Joint Account I would be satisfied that it could meet my current and future needs.

Thank you for all providing input on this, it has been most helpful :slight_smile:


Did somebody mention Joint Account parity with Personal account (non-Plus and optional Plus) features?
Attention grabbed :smile:


Gave up expecting android/iOS parity let alone sole/joint account parity a long time ago!

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