Schedule a regular payment to the Joint Account

For those of us who regularly pay a set amount into our joint accounts, can we please have a ‘Schedule Payment’ as part of the ‘Move Money’ section. I know I could do a transfer in the normal way with the sort code and account number and schedule that way, but that seems very counter-intuitive and a faff to me when the ‘Move Money’ ability is already there, it just needs the ‘schedule’ as a choice when choosing to move money…? After all, you can schedule payments to your pots, so why not to your joint account…?


Hi @topcat888 :wave:

This is planned in following the completion of the big list

Let you schedule recurring Monzo-to-Monzo payments and make scheduled transfers between your personal and joint accounts

Watch this space :eyes: :soon:


Any news on when this feature will be available? Just opened a joint account and I’m in the process of moving things over so it would be good to be able to schedule a ‘Move’ between my current account and joint account.

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Can’t you use the account number and sort code for the joint account and create a standing order?

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Yes that’s possible but I think the point is you shouldn’t have to put full details in for what is just another account with the same provider. Usually it’s just a case of selecting which account you want to move the money between. This is possible under the ‘Move’ section of the app as per the OP’s post, but you can’t schedule from there. Last update was Aug '18 so wondered how close this was to being delivered.

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I can’t believe this simple function is not available yet. Seems like such a basic thing to miss.

I’ve set up a standing order for now but doing this for various payments is faffy.

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As a joint account user
I want to schedule money to move into my joint account from my personal account
So that I don’t have to manually move it each month

Currently I can move money using the ‘money between accounts’ feature, but I have to do it every month. I’d like this to be recurring like all my other monthly money allocation.

I think right now I think I’d have to setup a bank transfer to my own joint account, but that seems silly due to how seem less everything else is between joint account and personal account.


  • I can move money between accounts’
  • I can schedule money to move between accounts’

Thoughts guys?

Unfortunately, yes - you’d have to do it as a good old-fashioned standing order to the sortcode/acc no of your joint account.

It’s pretty insane that they haven’t done schedules for monzo to monzo payments.


Really hoping this comes soon…I know I could set it up the long way but that seems so much faff for something so simple.

I’ve got a standing order setup to do this every month. I wouldn’t say it’s a faff because it only takes 2 seconds but I agree, it would be nice to just click a button.

Maybe because it’s just a one time thing and it’s not really that complicated to do it manually, Monzo have given it a low priority? Makes sense to me anyway

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Very true. It’s now set up. Bit longer than 2 seconds but when I realised I could just copy the account number rather than having to remember/write the details it became less of a faff.


Hi there,
New to joint accounts, would like to be able to automatically send a portion of my salary to the joint account each month. How do i set this up? Surely not a standing order with the joint account sort code etc? Seems so easy to send to pots, but can’t find another way to do it to the joint account…

You guessed correctly. Standing order is the way to do it currently :slight_smile:

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2020 and this is still not implemented. Please Monzo, any updates?

No updates and since it has been well over a year with little comments and only 8 votes - I’d say the chances of this happening are very slim.

As I mentioned earlier in the topic, it only takes 2 seconds to set up a standing order to achieve this. You could have probably done it in the time it took for you register here, find this topic and make your comment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I agree it would be nice but I wouldn’t hold hope :slight_smile:

Just adding my voice of support to this… It seems like a real omission not being able to schedule payments across to your joint account :confused: I don’t think it’s valid for Monzo to let this basic feature to be ‘de-prioritised’ off the bottom of the list either.

I think you may be over exaggerating a little. Have you read the post directly above yours?

Monzo aren’t preventing you from setting up a regular payment to your joint account, and it absolutely makes sense that it has a low priority when you arguably set this up once and it would only shave a few seconds off the “manual” way of doing it.

We’ll agree to differ. I still think this should be sorted out at some point, although admittedly it’s not a priority at the moment. It seems like an omission not having the ‘schedule payment’ button at the bottom of the payment screen, like all other payment types. I have seen the post above, liked it and followed their advice. It works fine for now :+1:

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I set up a standing order and that works fine, I agree it could be simpler seeing as there is already a button to move between accounts

Also adding my voice to this, I think it’s a must if only for continuity of use from an app point of view. Also any idea when setting up a SO to my joint account I get the attached? It’s very disconcerting.