Joint account and Monzo Plus

I’m in the process of going #FullMonzo after having had a paid for premier joint account with another bank. Has there been any public info released on whether or not Monzo Plus will be available for Joint Accounts with shared benefits? I primarily use my joint banking account as my main account and have done for 10+ years.


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No news on this yet, but I’d also like JA’s to be included. It was only for Personal Accounts when it originally launched last year and I only use a JA on a daily basis.


I only use my joint account with the other half so monzo plus isn’t of any use to me which is a shame as I was really looking forward to the custom categories and blue card!

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I am also in this position, but am hopeful it will be rolled out to joint accounts soon.

I use both regularly - and I hope that they find a way of sharing features.

I think it would be fair and appropriate to have ‘user specific’ treatment and not ‘account specific’.

Certainly things like V-cards, which I am likely to use but my SO not - I think that is OK to give to one half of the joint account.

And same with the Data - having ‘advanced budgeting’ stuff isn’t as useful as it could be if it doesn’t apply to all my data set.


Joint account is our main account for pension and paying bills but as usual it’s treated as a second class citizen cf personal account (no overdraft etc) why Monzo?

There’s at least 5 threads about this, probably a good idea to have a search.


I always feel like this kind of complaint is a bit like opening a NatWest account because there’s a branch at the end of your street and then claiming it’s treating you like a second class citizen because it has no cash point outside.


Just paid out for Monzo plus to get the budget category tool to find out it doesn’t work on the joint account (the one that you use).

A bit of common sense required here, pointless selling a tool that’s no use. At the very least make it clear that anyone with a joint account is penalised before they sign up.


Do we know if Monzo plus will be available for joint accounts? Personally with my wife as a family we earn and spend money together. We have personal accounts for our smaller very personal spending but 99% of the time we operate on joint account. I would like to have ALL benefits available for this account including the increased interest rate (as our/family savings are on joint account not personal). I cannot understand why it is still now available here. Does any one know what plans do Monzo has in this matter?


They’ve said it’s something they want to add, but nothing more than that.

I wouldn’t pin hopes on it being anytime soon.

As above, I sadly wouldn’t expect it anytime soon.

They want to iron out all the issues with current account Plus, get that working well earning some decent revenue, a new tier will be next and after all that I believe this is when they will look at joint account support.

Thanks. So we can only hope it will come sooner than later.

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There’s always hope.

I wouldn’t be surprised if it never happens. But then, with Monzo, anything could happen.

Sadly like overdrafts for joint accounts I’ve lost faith this will ever happen

As mentioned in the other thread even their senior execs want parity.

Which suggests to me either joint account parity is very low on what they perceive their customers want, or it’s very difficult to introduce.

I suspect it’s more of the latter.

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