Monzo Plus for Joint Account with shared personal account benefits

I’m not sure if this has been asked before - couldnt find anything in search. I know there are a number of different topics on plus and joint accounts but none i found matched what i was thinking.

My question is with Plus which i know isn’t an option yet for Joint accounts and is theoretical to the way in which they could work.

For example if both people with joint accounts have plus, is there a a way this could be be transferred to the joint account. Both people with plus = Joint Account Plus. or maybe the other way around. If you pay for Joint account Plus (Say £12) then the separate accounts both become Plus and enjoy the same benefits?

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This has been asked before in “Monzo Plus - here's what's coming next!:slightly_smiling_face:

Short answer is that, its something that may come in the future but not Q3 (roadmap for Q3 has been announced as well in the thread and on social media)

I would like it for JAs as well but right now its only individual accounts :frowning_face: