Multiple Joint Accounts?

Wife & I are really enjoying shared joint account and shared pots, but on feature that we would really enjoy would be a second joint account with a second debit card.

While there are plenty of features like monthly summary categories and hashtags to manage expenditure we would like the ability to select from 2 different joint debit cards at the point of making purchases in stores.

Is there any plans for multiple joint accounts?

Whilst I would support the endeavour, multiple accounts are not possible or planned on normal accounts so I doubt there are plans to make them available on joint accounts. If you just meant multiple cards on one account, they are not planned right now either but I can see their usefulness.

I’m not sure why you would need this but as @Chapuys said, there are no current plans. Sorry :frowning:

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It’s probably worth clarifying it is technically possible to have multiple accounts - it’s not a backend restriction per-say. It’s not clear how we would make the user experience work so whilst you can technically have two joint accounts (there are some users in staging with a few!) we decided to launch joint accounts with only one account possible between two people :+1: It’s easier to expand that as the product develops, rather than have to reverse changes/remove functionality later down the line if it doesn’t quite fit :blush:


Having a separate account (joint or sole depending on circumstances) specifically for SODDs would really separate out committed vs available spending.

And likely so much easier to implement than a committed spending pot :man_shrugging:t2:

Committed spending pot already exists :slight_smile: It’s just not rolled out to customers yet. Works very well as far as I’ve used it :ok_hand:


Is this after it’s been reworked? I know the first attempt was “okay” but needed to be reworked to cater for certain issues (or something, I forget).

Just trying to gauge time until we are surprised by a new Labs item that will BLOW. OUR. MINDS.


:man_shrugging: Have asked the experts!


I know I’m resurrecting this but:

Would love multiple joint accounts. My partner and I have a joint account for general monthly spending (homewares, eating out, groceries) and another non-Monzo account for direct debits and rent which we pay X amount in at the beginning of each month and let it be handled entirely by DD.

So this is the case for multiple joint accounts.

Given Monzo’s stance on multiple joint accounts, if multiple joint accounts were allowed, I don’t think Monzo would allow someone to have more than one joint account with the same person.

However, it sounds like a Committed Spend pot would be a solution to your problem. You can vote for a Committed Spend pot here:

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