Monzo Plus for Joint Accounts

I’m still waiting :frowning: . Where is it, folks?

Nowhere. It doesn’t exist. But I suspect you already knew that.

Hi @Sponda & welcome :wave:

Head over to this topic and vote (click/tap on the blue VOTE’ box at the top-left):

The subject has 173 votes at this point and is 11th in the list of open requested features. There’s no guarantee it will ever be implemented, but the more votes a request has, the more visible it appears.

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It’s hidden in the basement. They thought about bringing it out but the TS’s Account Closure Bingo Machine :tm: takes up too much room in the office so they had to prioritise

Otherwise a search would’ve thrown up the thread linked above


Monzo are such a tease :laughing:

:confused: From what I’m reading here in the community, not many people use Joint Account, so it will always be behind in features. I would love to help Monzo with Plus or Premium, but this only makes sense to me via Joint Account. Anyway, thanks for the answers!

There a very vocal (and quite large) group who exclusively use their joint account leaving their personal accounts dormant. They continually raise parity issues as well as push for this in pretty much every feature topic that arises.

You should hang around here and join in some discussions to support them.

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