Joint account notifications only for my own card


I like to receive notifications after every transaction, this way I can always double check I’ve been charged the expected amount and I’m also confident no unwanted transactions happen. But in the context of a joint account (that we just started using with my wife) it’s a bit creepy to get a mobile notification every time my wife buys a coffee. Spying on her was not the point of getting the joint Monzo account. On the other hand I would still like to get notifications of activity on my own card, just like before.

Is this something that you have considered?

Thank you for all the great work on Monzo! :slight_smile:


This has been raised a few times now but nothing confirmed around implementing. Focus first is to get joint pots and CASS going

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Has there been any movement on this suggestion? It would also be great to have the option to disable joint account notifications without disabling for my current account. In iOS I can only turn off/on notifications for both accounts with no granularity.

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Nope. Nothing reported or planned as you can see from this thread.

I suppose the way to do it would be to have the option to turn on for only your card or both cards at a switch of a button so you could easily turn it on if you did need notifications from both cards


I was surprised to not see that option in the app and that’s how I found this thread. It’s spooky to see each other transactions real time but it’s good to see your own transactions while paying. Could this be prioritised in any way Monzo?

Don’t see any point to this to be fair it’s a joint account depending on icon for transaction you see who did it in app anyway, so I think it’s just the additional notification that’s the issue :wink:

I don’t see the issue either. It’s called a joint account so you’re connected as if it was one, therefore in my opinion it is doing as it says on the tin :slight_smile:

The solution would be to tell your wife to stop spending joint money on coffee for herself :wink:

@Ordog Or be customer centric and add additional toggle in the app to allow me and other interested users to select whichever option we prefer. This is just an idea and I wanted to back it as I think this is one of the ways Monzo is prioritising new features.


But wouldn’t that significant other see the feed item even if they didn’t get a notification?

Joint account is probably not the best account to use for that!

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For those of use who have a personal and a joint account, a ‘per account’ switch for notifications would be a boon.

We have a joint account for bills (rent, council tax etc) so don’t need the notifications at all. We have our own personal accounts for coffee and the like. I do like the notifications for my personal account but unfortunately can’t turn off the joint ones.

A mind field I know, do you offer notifications per user or per account? I’d suggest if the user has more than one account, make it per account, if they only have one, make it per user of the account?? Good luck with that, but hope to see something in this area.

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Sorry to disagree here but notifications are needed on Joint account to as during the week had a notification that a Direct Debit was set up for a company that already has an active direct debit, and as I had no letters from said company prior to direct debit being setup I cancelled it, chances are will have 2 DD’s taken on 1st of month granted you can get money back but why be in that situation in the 1st place :wink:

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You might have stuffed things up there. If you’ve recently used CASS to switch your joint account some companies will set up a new DD anyway rather than amend the old one that transferred over.

I wasn’t saying remove notifications for a Joint account, if you need them they should be there but it could be an option to turn on or off. I check my accounts every week anyway but each to their own (that’s kinda my point!) :grin:

CASS wasn’t used at all as moved everything in December manually :wink:

I’m still waiting for this and, without it, the main benefit of Monzo is not working.

Monzo allows instant reconciliation between what I intended to spend - or agreed to spend - and by getting notifications I reconcile my activity.

Getting notifications for my wife is awful - I don’t need to know what she’s spending, and so I end up disabling all notifications. Which defeats the purpose as I no longer get the immediate beep when I spend money.



I think it would be a good idea for notifications just for your own card. Although it was amusing to give my OH a ribbing when the alert for buying a kebab, on the joint account (by mistake allegedly) appeared one evening :grin:


We like the visibility of our finances so appreciate the notifications just like we do for our personal accounts.

An option to disable would satisfy both sides of the argument but it’s currently sat at 0 votes. If you want Monzo to consider this you need to flex your voting finger by pressing the button at the top of the topic. :top:

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Hey, I just opened a joint account with my wife. I quite like the notifications, not in a creepy way but it’s good if we are not with each other we at least know how much is in the account without needing to check.

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Yeah I think that’s a good point and if it was implemented I imagine it would be optional so you could toggle it off or on