Merchant Names and Logos - Updating has become hard work

Hi Guys,

Firstly I want to say that I’m a huge fan of Monzo and use it every day as my main bank account, its simply second to none! :slightly_smiling_face:

Recently when updating merchant names or logo’s its really become hard work, its happened on numerous occasions now when I’ve spent fair amount of time correcting merchant names and locations as well as logos etc so they’re up to date, only to find days after submitting nothing has been updated? Even submitting again sometimes doesn’t result in it being updated, sometimes it does.

Seems such a shame because although its only a trivial thing, having the correct names and logos in your feed looks beautiful, so when a few are wrong they stand out!

Maybe someone could take a quick look into it?



Hi :wave: this has been brought up more and more recently and Monzo are aware of the issues and looking to improve over time.

This is the latest position on it:


Meanwhile, If you’re having issues getting some approved. It’s always worth submitting them again then speaking to in app support to explain and they should sort it there and then I beilive

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Perfect, exactly what I needed! Thanks @glasgow :slightly_smiling_face:

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I suggested some changes on Sunday and they were amended in my app by Monday night!!!


@HughWells was a superstar yesterday and cleared the entire queue :raised_hands:


That’s strange as I had to ask Monzo to update mine from Friday submission today.


This is an area where I’ve had (just one) experience with support that wasn’t amazing. I’ve never wanted to waste support’s time on starting a chat just for merchant names or logos, so if I needed to talk to them about something else I might bring it up at the end. This worked super well once or twice - fixed immediately, great Monzo experience etc - then one person was a little dismissive (paraphrasing but something like “oh we’ve got a backlog - just wait”) when the issue might have benefited from a quick explanation. Now there’s nothing wrong with this - it just didn’t meet Monzo’s usual (incredibly) high level of service and made me feel like I was being unreasonable / over-demanding.

Did Hugh clear the whole queue? There are still two outstanding for me (I think they keep getting rejected for some reason but without feedback who knows?)


Must say @Peter_G I’ve experienced this myself with customer services and logo responses.


I’ve submitted several merchant change requests in the past and none of them have ever been done. I assumed the requests just got sent to a spam folder in Monzo. I’ve added a couple more logo requests so I’ll see if that works any better


Totally agree I’ve always felt like I’m wasting their time if I contact Cops to sort this type of issue out, but I’ve been assured that if the request is a bit out of the usual and it’s not been accepted it’s totally fine to contact them after submitting again to explain why you submitted the change.
For example Amex have a new logo for digital platforms which I submitted but it never changed, likely because they didn’t know it had, I had to speak to cops to then get it updated.

I’ll probably have to drop them a message soon to get a new Wetherspoon pub added to the merchant group to share the same logo but keep it’s existing name.

I also had a few I submitted a day or two before this that weren’t updated :frowning:

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Not many COps know how to do this :wink: My new training is hopefully coming :soon:

Yes! I’ll have another look through today :slight_smile:

04 :sweat_smile:


Hah. Need a hand? :smiley:

Ouch :sweat_smile: What’s the difference between the two figures?

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In terms of what they mean :smile:

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Review Merchant = triggered automatically at a certain threshold of transactions
Review Merchant Feedback = what you submit in the app


@HughWells That’s somes figures you’ve got there all the best on sorting those out I’ve sent some through so hopefully they will be sorted out when you go through the list.

@HughWells I’ve just had a GoCardless direct debit change to a random unknown name. Do you know why at all?

Someone changed the merchant by mistake I guess