Ability to copy full card number from the app


I wanted to order food from bed and payment was needed. But the card is all the way across the room. Wouldn’t it nice to be able to copy the long card number from the app so I don’t have to get up? Maybe after entering the ATM pin.

Now I have to get up.

Any chance to have an entire card number within the app?
Adding full card details to app
Card details in app
Adding full card details to app
Be able to see card number in app
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You’re right. It’s a crime. Someone should be sacked for that omission.

Maybe you could get one of those helping dogs?


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I like this idea, on revolut (and starling iirc) you can see the full card numbers in the app, including the security code, but as the monzo app doesn’t have a passcode on the app then maybe it’s not such a good idea.

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I agree. It should be behind a PIN. But even then it’s only going to tell you the card number, you’ll still need the PIN in the back to make a purchase.

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You could take a photo of your Monzo card and store it in your phone?


I guess that’s a hack but still it’ll be annoying having to switch back and forth between apps to type in the number. Copy would be easier and faster.


You could just type the number in your Notes App and pin on top :slight_smile:


They could also include this option in the app. All good options but this is the best. Because when card updates you gotta update the note. You’ll need to find the note each time. I got quite a few notes so waste of time.

So far I’ve not heard a reason not to include it in the app.


Not saying I disagree with you just saying there are things you could try in the meantime and Monzo might bring this in future. Actually, I think it would be quite handy.

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1Password is good for this. It encrypts all the information, and is also integrated into a lot of apps and has browser extensions to you can auto-fill when doing orders online.


So is LastPass. I keep all my card details in there.

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Maybe try Dashlane, I use it on PC and mac as well as my iPhone. Also on my tablets

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Potential security issue? Why not save your card in Keychain (iOS) or an Android equivalent.


You should never copy and paste any confidential information into any online forms. This includes passwords and you monzo card number.

The internet is full of malicious data harvesting tools, some of which can take advantage of data that is stored within your “clipboard” (where copied data is stored)

Arguably you can’t do much with a card number without the security code and expiry but still.


Ummm… But everyone using a password manager probably does do that. The passwords are random and long. Idk how they would work if what you’re saying is true. I think system clipboard is not accessible to websites. Or I hope.

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I would actually suggest it doesn’t make sense for there to not be a way to at least see the card number in the app (along with other card details) because one of Monzo’s main selling points is that it’s the best app-based bank (well, it will be when it supports Apple Pay). Why should you even ever have to use, find, or look at a physical debit card in this day and age?

As soon as Monzo supports Apple Pay, I’m going to try never taking my physical card out with me and perhaps carrying £30 or something as a backup option.

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Seconded… Try Dashlane

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I doubt that will be sensible idea for me until battery life improves by an order of magnitude. It may be workable if you live in an inner city, but out here in the sticks, tenuous radio data coverage uses up battery life far more quickly, so I reckon I’ll have to carry an unpowered payment option with me for some years to come.

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Password managers populate login and payment forms directly within the browser, no copying and pasting required. I also know LastPass has an option to clear the copy / paste cache after a minute to reduce the risk of abuse.

Safari on iOS also includes the ability to store payment details so you don’t even need a dedicated password manager.