Transfer to a pot from another pot

Minor thing but when moving money between pots is currently a real hassle.

Is there anyway a pot transfer to another pot can be implemented?
This would make my life a little easier. It’s only a small thing but that’s what makes you guys great, ironing out all the little things to making banking smother :slight_smile:


It is really annoying currently. Especially when it clogs up your feed for no reason what so ever. Fingers crossed it will get sorted out at some point.

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I would like to this too.

I’d like this. I’d also like the ability to back date pot transactions - e.g. If I’m using a pot to put aside cash for my credit card I like to add to the pot for each individual transaction, on the day I make it on the card. Sometimes I forget and it gets messy in the notes field…

(Appreciate this one’s a bit niche).

I would also like to click on the Pot and see all the transactions rather than having to filter them in the main feed


Definitely an unnecessary way to clutter my feed! :slight_smile:

Grouping transactions would be 1 method! :smiley: If I shift money in pots it should definitely skip the feed altogether :slight_smile:

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It would be handy if you could move money from one pot to another, without having to go though the main current account. I often shuffle cash around and it looks really messing with all the money going in then straight out of the current account.


I’ve got a savings account in Monzo (provided by Investec) but it would be great so there was an option to withdraw money from my coinjar pot straight into the savings pot.

At the moment I can only move it back to the main account, and then have to move it from there to the savings.

Would be a simple little change to streamline things.


Little feature idea I had, it would be cool if when withdrawing money from a pot, which usually goes into straight into the main account, it would be ideal if you could could tap the card (circled) and switch from main account to another pot.

This saves withdrawing money from one pot to main balance, then adding it to a different pot.



Completely agree.

I’d like to be able to schedule pot to pot transactions.
My income is irregular so I put all my income in one pot but then transfer a smaller monthly spending amount into the main account. But I also put a little away in my long term savings pot every month but currently I have to transfer extra into my account for it to be then taken out again and sent to the other pot. I’d rather just do it directly