Transfer to a pot from another pot

(UnknownPANIC) #1

Minor thing but when moving money between pots is currently a real hassle.

Is there anyway a pot transfer to another pot can be implemented?
This would make my life a little easier. It’s only a small thing but that’s what makes you guys great, ironing out all the little things to making banking smother :slight_smile:

(Customer of Lloyds Banking Group, plc) #2

It is really annoying currently. Especially when it clogs up your feed for no reason what so ever. Fingers crossed it will get sorted out at some point.


I would like to this too.


I’d like this. I’d also like the ability to back date pot transactions - e.g. If I’m using a pot to put aside cash for my credit card I like to add to the pot for each individual transaction, on the day I make it on the card. Sometimes I forget and it gets messy in the notes field…

(Appreciate this one’s a bit niche).

(Alex) #5

I would also like to click on the Pot and see all the transactions rather than having to filter them in the main feed

(Marcus Nailor) #6

Definitely an unnecessary way to clutter my feed! :slight_smile:

Grouping transactions would be 1 method! :smiley: If I shift money in pots it should definitely skip the feed altogether :slight_smile: