Wishlist to make Monzo perfect

My wishes to make Monzo even better than it is now, dare I say, near perfect!

  • Ability to completely lock pots temporarily (e.g. the anti-alcohol toggle)
    I like to think I’m quite sensible with my money, but on a Friday night after 5 pints, I’m much less sensible. Indeed, I’ve been known to move money out of my Savings and even Bills pots when enjoying a night out. I’d like the ability to lock a pot, with no way of unlocking it whatsoever. I know this may be something Monzo are reluctant to implement for a few reasons (people changing their minds for example), but I think if the time durations were short enough, it would be okay. The options could be 6 hours, 12 hours, 18 hours or 24 hours, perhaps. I’d just set it to 6 or 12 hours when I go to the pub, and hey presto, pissed up me can’t withdraw £100 to buy the whole place a shot at 11.30pm. For longer savings times, longer than 24 hours, the option would be there to unlock the pot, but the user would have to wait a specific time. So if I choose to unlock my savings pot, I have to wait x hours. This would give me time to think about the decision. However, I don’t really care for that - what I really want is the “night out” option.

  • Auto-pay direct debits from Commited Spending pot.
    I have a bills, or committed spending, pot which I put the money in to pay my bills from. Currently I have to transfer the money out of this pot whenever the direct debits are due. It would be awesome if, for this specific pot, Monzo automatically transfers the money from the pot to the main account when the direct debits are due. [linked to…]

  • Notifications when Committed Spending pot needs a bit more ££
    So going by the above, it would be great if, say… a few days before your bill or bills are due to leave your account, but you don’t have enough cash in your Committed Spending and main account combined, you’d be warned by notification. Something like “Your Rent payment of £780 is due in 3 days, but your main account and Committed Spending pots don’t cover this.” So I can then move money from another pot, or savings account, if I’m short.

  • Set your own income schedule
    I have multiple wage sources which come in on a regular basis, at different times of the month. It would be awesome if I could set the four different wage packets I get, in the app, and their frequencies. e.g. Salary 1, every month on Xth day. Salary 2, every 2 weeks on a Friday. Salary 3, last working day of every month. Salary 4, every 4 weeks on a Monday. This combined information would then influence the graph and Summary screens.

  • Notifications for direct debit payments
    Unless I’m missing something, I do not receive a notification when a direct debit is paid out. Sure, I know they’re coming out but it would be nice to get the notification anyway, just like when I spend any other money.

  • The ability to set custom ‘Repeating payment’ frequencies
    I pay my rent every 4 weeks by direct debit, for example. This currently cannot be set as a Repeating payment, because the options are too limited.

  • Ability to toggle off “you’ve spent £x today” in spending notifications
    While it is super useful I’m sure to many, I’m not sure I enjoy seeing a running total of how much I’ve spent today every time I buy something. I know it is probably very helpful to some and maybe helps them curb their spending, but it doesn’t have that effect on me and I’d quite like the option not to see it.

  • Dark theme at night
    It would be awesome if, at sunrise based on my location, the app switched to a dark theme.

Okay that’s basically it for now. I love Monzo very much and use it for everything more or less, bar my big savings (as no interest paid). However, without some ability to lock or make it harder to access your savings (a “time to make sure you’re sure” setting) I think keeping savings a little bit further away is sensible.

And please no comments about how spontaneous/reckless I sound! I just like living for the moment :wink:

Keep up the great work Monzo!


I like the dark theme idea. That’s a great idea.

I think the payee management section in the app (I’ve stated this in another topic) is in desperate need of a redesign. This is the one thing holding me back from making this my main bank.


Ah yes that’s another thing.

I’d like to be able to add payees without paying them!


You a have made some excellent suggestions here. I don’t have a dd setup yet, but thought that If I did, I would get a notification to say it has been taken.

Auto pay dd from a pot is another excellent idea!

Notification for a pot that needs some more money,…another excellent one, I had this thought myself.

Dark theme, yes please.

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Here here

Since the end of the big list, it’s kind of weird not having a list of things that Monzo are working on. I feel lost without knowing what’s coming next.

I know Monzo are planning to redesign the payee management section, as it was in the blog that was released at the conclusion of the list. I was just so disappointed that they didn’t have a revamp as part of the big list. It really is a deal breaker.

I think the list you’ve put together is great and really hope some of those things can be implemented by Monzo.


I get notifications when direct debits are paid, sometimes two if there’s an amount variation for the month.

On that basis, I’m pretty sure we all ought to.


I also get notifications.

Agree with the rest of the list though!

You should be getting DD notifications. You may not notice them as they happen very early in the morning.

Major ones:

Payee management - treated as an address book with integration with my phone contacts

Better payday prediction - even some news on progress would be great

UI refresh - particularly settings and the account/ pots section. Settings need to be categorised better and pots need to be condensed - I’d like to see most of my pots without scrolling

Ones that would be nice:

More images for pots

I like the idea of a dark mode/AMOLED mode for night. Just because it makes it a bit more discreet.

Gmail integration - link payments with email receipts and confirmations

More automatic metadata for transactions


Payee Management def top of the list - being able to name each payee whatever I want is badly needed (bonus points for custom pics too)

Ability to name/label scheduled payments (to identify what they are)

Android launcher shortcuts to Jump straight to personal / joint account

A credit card!!!

Monzo.me above £100


This is my wishlist of features not included in the End of The Big List post. All of those things would also be on this list (eg: better payee management, more flexible standing orders, improvements to Joint accounts, committed spend pot etc…).


  • Saved references for P2P payments.

  • Lend-to-friend tracker - tracked P2P (interest free) loans to friends, similar to this but without the ability to set a repayment schedule.

  • Section in the app where you can view all pending bill splits and loans to friends.

  • “Add payee” option for incoming faster payments.

Scheduled Payments

  • Set a Direct Debit for deletion.

  • Skip next standing order payment (future payments go out as normal).

  • Pay this payment early for standing orders (future payments go out as normal).

  • Multiple scheduled transfers to/from the same pot.

  • Give nicknames to scheduled payments (including scheduled pot transfers).


  • Pot area redesign - smaller icons and more than one per row (like apps on smart phones - could also include marketplace products alongside pots as in-Monzo apps).

  • Locked pots.

  • Shared pots.

  • Adding notes to pots.

  • Target dates for pot goals with prediction telling you if you’re on track to meet the target date.

  • Ability to hide pots.

  • Direct transfers between pots.

  • Ability to create a pot scheduled payment after choosing the “Scheduled payments” option in the Payments tab.

  • Pot transaction history (maybe with its own pulse graph).

  • More pot pictures.

  • Ability to change pot picture on Android.

  • Custom pot ordering.

Additional Monzo Web functionality

  • Withdrawing money from pots.

  • Deleting Direct Debits and standing orders.

  • Downloading statements.

  • Sending bank transfers.


  • Split transactions into multiple categories.

  • Suggested and autocomplete tags.

  • Gift category.


  • Bring back spend-by-merchant breakdown.

  • Spending analytics for tags (so they can act like secondary categories).

  • Option to overflow any spend for a category where you’ve gone over budget into the budget for the next month (allows better long term budgeting).

Merchant Data

  • Fix the various merchant data issues.

  • Ability to submit logos from Facebook, Instagram, JustEat (ie: ability for Monzo to cache these logos).



It would be nice to split a payment up, for example if i withdrew £50 i could allocate £20 as travel and £30 entertainment etc. If they could appear as two withdrawals that would be great but just being able to split them within the app would be nice rather than doing two back-to-back withdrawls.


Better performance and design, on par with what we had during the prepaid. Currently it’s a disaster.


Unsplash integration for pot images

That’s all I need :woman_shrugging:


A great set of ideas - thanks everyone :slight_smile: It’s really useful to get such detailed feedback from the community to make sure we’re working on stuff you care about.

You’ll be pleased to know that a lot of this is on our roadmap :+1: We probably need to refresh the transparent product roadmap sometime soon.


Cheque scanning for deposits?
Cash deposits in Post Office?
Children’s saving account?
Saving account with interest?
AI-driven insights on spending patterns?
Business travel report with PDF download for Android?
Scanning of receipts with de-squewing (like Microsoft Office Lens) for easy expenses?


If I remember correctly, all except last three (and maybe they are too) are already in the making :wink:


Scrap summary and bring back old one

Get rid of pulse graph

Make merchant data work

Make me Coral Crew init


Yes (I mean No really)


Do you find that pulse graph useful? This is the one I have got and it looks like it whenever I get my salary paid to Monzo: