Expenses Report

Hi there, I have been using Monzo for a little while now and have been traveling a lot with work abroad and the Expenses budget category has been great but i have a couple of suggestions.

One thing that would really help would be to able to create an expense report with a table of each expense, merchant details, date, local currency & GBP equivalent, etc and copy of receipt (if loaded in the Monzo app). This would save me a load of time after each trip!

It would also be helpful to be able to disable the Expenses category from being counted up as part of the overall budget as I am being paid back for those and at the moment I have to exclude each transaction one by one.



I believe you can do this by visiting the summary screen, scrolling to the bottom and clicking export to CSV.

You’ll then get an excel file which contains all of this information. You can filter it by category to show what you want.

It would be good if expenses were credited properly.

I agree with this! (And thank you for the feedback, Jack - that will be helpful as well).

If we add a receipt to the purchase can that be exported? For work expenses this is often necessary and could save a lot of time if they could be exported as well.