The Monzo Community's 2018 Christmas Wish List!

( related to Monzo CEO, Investor in Monzo ) #21

unfortunately it all falls apart if the cops system doesnt seem to work , all your good work means nowt if customers are left in limbo with their problems - unfortunately there seems to be more and more - and Im not talking about the frozen accounts which Monzo cant talk about - its the basics , and I know Monzo is hiring aggressively - but Monzo is also chasing growth


Looks to see if @simonb has been voting :eyes: :eyes:

(Simon B) #23

All will be fixed soon on that front, Ian.

We’ve been making between 20-30 job offers in COps every week for the last 4-6 weeks. We just started running some hiring ads on Facebook too to increase the number, and just yesterday we received our highest amount of applications in any given day, ever.

(Simon B) #24

That’d just give the game away :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Unless I voted for the stuff I know we aren’t working on right now to throw you all off the scent :thinking: :joy:

We’re hoping to share some stuff within the next week on Making Monzo :raised_hands:



(Ceri Clark) #26

It only shows my standing order not the money I’m sending to pots which I consider committed spend. Not all scheduled payments are there. It only shows my gym membership but I have to make mental gymnastics to work out the other commitments/scheduled payments like childcare etc that I send to pots.


When you click on a transaction you can mark it as a ‘repeating payment’. Does this do what you need?

I don’t know if this works for pots or not?

(Neil MacKenzie) #28

A well Documented and easy to use REST API

(Duncan) #29

What’s wrong with the current API? I mean, apart from the missing write functionality (make transactions etc.). For read-only it’s pretty well put together, and pretty well documented.

(Neil MacKenzie) #30

You kind of answered what I wanted which is write functionality or at least some way to actually build if functions for Pots etc.
I would like to actually use it for things rather than just read only. I have been playing with locations and transactions instead outside of the API

(Kalinka (Pinky) ) #31

Hope there’s still going to be space for me in January :grin::rocket::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Will be able to start testing my account out properly when I arrive in the UK in just over two weeks. At the moment just moving money around into pots.

(Sean) #32

I’m really surprised that pots changes are so important to people; the beauty of a poll. Glad that virtual cards have made it into the top 3 though.

(Richard) #33

Yea I have to admit, custom images for Pots is very low on my list. Locked pots and transfers between would be good. But ultimately I would also like the summary page sorting out.

(Liam) #34

I think custom pot images is a fixation because it seems both obvious and easy. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Richard Grundle) #35

My “something else” is to have an option in the settings menu to have your balance hidden until you choose to view it. Whenever I have to pay a friend for something when I’m out and about, I don’t like to purposely have to hide my phone screen so they don’t see the balance.

An alternative to this would be to have the option to choose what tab the app opens up at in default!

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #36

On Android, at least, you can long press the monzo app on your home screen and jump straight to sending money :blush:

(Richard Grundle) #37

I forgot all about the 3D Touch on iPhone! I gave it a go there and selected “send money” but it still opens up at the main transaction page for some reason :thinking:

(Thomas Guthrie) #38

Think there’s a bug at the moment where the app is always changing back to the feed when its opened.


118 voters so far! Just 5 to go and we’ll have 0.01% of the Monzo user base covered! #representativesample

League table update:

Top of the Pots :arrow_up:
1 - Custom images for Pots
2 - New Pots layout
3 - Virtual cards

Legacy banking :arrow_down:
Pin transactions (3 votes)
International standing orders (2 votes)
Garmin pay (1 vote)

Battle of the Pays! :watch:
1 - Fitbit Pay (8 votes)
2 - Samsung Pay (6 votes)
3 - Garmin Pay (1 vote)

No more nil points!

(Andre Borie) #40

This poll is unfair on the “battle of the pays”. There is no Badger Pay option.