Logo/ Images for Standing Orders

I can’t seem to find a way to do this in the app so I guess i isn’t there yet.

Is there a way (or can there be a way) to add an image, logo, or suggest a Twitter to a Standing Order payment so this looks better in my feed (rather than just an initial).

Paying Tesco Credit Card by Standing Order to just see a T in my feed is a little disheartening compared to transactions I make there with the full logo :slight_smile:

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Unfortunately you can’t suggest logos for standing orders

I’d like standing orders / faster payments to just show the logo of the receiving bank. So if I transfer £100 to my Barclays account, it’ll show with that logo.

Then, when Monzo’s ready, having personal profiles / an address book with photos would be great, too!


That would be brilliant! Anything to pretty up feed a little :blush:

I noticed N26 uses its Category icons on the feed, even something like that rather than a dull initial would make me happy lol


It would be good to just be able to suggest Twitter handles for logos just like DD or card payments.

Great if it used contacts/Monzo profiles for payments to humans (as opposed to companies) too.

Also would be keen to see this feature added, even if I had to add the logo myself for a specific payment that would be cool

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