Controlling Open Banking connections


I’ve tried out the Open Banking connection to Monzo with a couple of aggregators. So far, so good, all working.

However, I was expecting to find somewhere in the Monzo app where I can see the connections that have been made so that I can review/terminate them if needed. Is there no such facility at the moment?




You have to go direct to the third party and have them disconnect from your account.

Or ask Support to manually disconnect you.

(I’ve wittered about this before, so won’t repeat it here!)


When I asked them to disconnect from Emma I was told no I had to go direct?


Insist. They’ll do it for you eventually (or should do, anyway).

I had the same thing with Yolt, but after a bit back and forth they agreed to do it. It seems that they have no way to disconnect just one connection, though, so it’ll require logging back into the app and to reconfirm any other permissions to your account you’ve given.

This is one area where, frankly, it’s just not good enough. You can’t rely on third parties to terminate connections - and being told to do so is bad form, imo.


I agree. They shouldn’t really be accepting connections if we can’t revoke them. That’s kind of the point (well, half the point - the other is not handing over credentials that provide full access). First Direct seem to have done this properly at least.



I think someone said it’s coming :soon: soon - but I can’t find the reference. :crying_cat_face:


The reason we ask you to contact the 3rd party in the first instance is because although we can terminate it on our end, they may well have cached data and we wouldn’t be able to delete that for you on their behalf (it’s not our system).

We are working to eventually make this part of the app but in the meantime if you do contact us we can log you out, but you will be asked to contact them directly in the first instance :pray:


Understandable. My preference here would be self-serve disconnection (obvs) but with a note saying that you shouldn’t just rely on the disconnect and should contact the company that has access to your data to ensure it’s all properly handled.

Ultimately this is about control over our own data. A dashboard of existing connections is vital because loads of folk will make connections then forget about them… But you know that already :wink::+1::monzo:

:bowing_man: :bowing_man:

Thanks - and sorry for being grumpy. It’s been one of those weeks…