PDF Receipts

(Tom Evans) #1

I love the feature of photographing receipts. But I think it would be awesome too if we could upload PDF receipts as well as a lot of places now send them.


This was requested some time ago here;

I guess when Monzo have completed their Big List they will start to look into these things to improve the functionality.

(Dan) #3

I would also like this! When I buy bigger items online I’d like to add the PDF confirmation so if I need it for warranty etc I know where it lives… in my financial hub Monzo :wink:

(Ben) #4

I’d also be super interested in an export to concur / expensify, for them pesky work expenses.

Currently The Trainline app does a nice version of this; essentially the reciept with a small branded border with Date / Time / Cost in there, to share with expensing services.

For those of us who have expenses on Monzo, and use the receipt bit to track, a nice more automated workflow would be good.


+1 from me.

I currently do screenshots but the text is so small :telescope:

(Tom Evans) #6

I do that too, but it’s not exactly an ideal solution