Ignore bills when notifying what I've spent today

As a users with lots of direct debits coming out on the same day
I want for push notifications showing how much I have spent today to not include bills
So that when I buy my morning coffee it doesn’t say “you have spent £xhundred today” because my mortgage has come out


I’ve posted this before. I often get a shock when I buy a morning coffee and see I’ve spend £200 :joy:.

Maybe some sort of toggle or re wording?


The notifications would be more useful for budgeting if recurring payments were not included and they only showed day-to-day spending imo.


Maybe a toggle in the settings would be better. I for one like that fact that I see that they’ve gone out and how much. Helps me spot when something is off or unexpected (eg some DD of mine are every 6 months and I forget about it, I like that I see the notification because I get to readjust my month).

So I’d be disappointed if they blanket removed this option for everyone


There would still be notifications when the direct debits went out (including how much they were), but their value just wouldn’t be included in the running total for the day.


To clarify the title, I don’t want to do away with the notifications when a direct debit or standing order comes out of the account, they are very handy.

What I would like is that the value of these payments aren’t included within the “You’ve spent £x today” message on all further notifications for the day. It really throughs me off on Fridays (rent day) when I look at the notification after buying my lunch and it states “You’ve spent £153 today”.


I agree. DDs and standing orders are committed spend outwith control usually.

I like to see it, it’s money my balance has reduced by

The problem is… you have spent that money. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, it’s fact that this money has been spent that day.

If anything, rather than throwing you off you’ve spent hundreds by your morning coffee, it should be a reminder of just how much your bills are and that they have gone out correctly.

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I get a notification for each DD and Standing Order which confirms that for me, as well as the summary page in the app.

To me the “you have spent x today” should reflect what you have actively spent that day and should not include large passive expenditure. I feel like only showing active spending for the day would allow people to get a clearer picture of what they are actually spending on day to day purchases.

There are already multiple places for tracking and managing your expenditure via DDs and Standing Orders.


I mean I guess you’re referring more to a daily budget. I like them and I use them myself but it’s not how most people seem to budget.

I’ve woken up this morning and manage to spend £500 while asleep. You could at this both ways though “I’ve lost £500 overnight and Monzo says I haven’t spent a penny today!”. I think I’d rather have the spend breakdown even for committed spending rather than having nothing at all showing. A better solutions might be to have a breakdown showing Spent today: £0 (committed: £500) or visa vesa


I would definitely be ok with that kind of solution, there is the slippery slope of filling the notification with all of the information ever, which should be avoided.

But yes, I would be fine having the amount spent for the day divided up like that.

How would that look, UX wise?

Also, so if you make a one off purchase on a given day (say, a laptop you’ve saved for) would that also not show on your spent today? It would surely mess up your day to day spend? What about an emergency spend on a new boiler? Or a last minute train ticket purchase?

Over time you can easily segment your spending to “what I will spend every day” to “only once a month or less” and either way you’re never going to get a perfect “day to day spend” total.

I would use terminology: “x.xx Spent 500 commited” With x.xx being your active spend today

With what I was thinking, those purchases would still show up as part of the spending for the day in the notification. They would mess up a daily budget still, but big one off spend like that l, for most people I would imagine, are the exception, not the rule.

It would only be committed spending that Monzo is aware of ahead of time that would not be within the main daily spending value.

Oh I agree, but then since a lot of people’s direct debits come out on only a few days of the month that would equally stand for that.

I only pay rent once a month and most of my direct debits come out on the 1st. I just basically ignore that one or two days a month like you would a large spend.

All I really want is the days spending value to accurately reflect the amount I have actively spent today. Which is the category those large spends you mentioned would still fall into since you have to actively carry out those transactions.

Committed spending can still be included in the notification as suggested above. Personally, I would just prefer not to have active and committed spending combined in that message.


Hmm. Look I am not saying I don’t get what you mean, because I do and it’s a totally valid thing that many people will have.

Personally, whether I physically pay my bill (which with rent I do, each month in the app) or I agree that the company takes the money from me via DD, is irrelevant. I’ve still spent that money that day.

I can’t personally see Monzo changing this but if enough arguements are made you never know :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry for rebumping this but I was also was going to post this myself.

I would love to see an option to have the functionality to remove bills/DD’s from my day to day spending. My spending should be ‘how much I spent today on day to day things’.