Android-iOS Parity Wiki

I thought it would be good to have a place to keep a note of the differences between the iOS and Android versions of the Monzo app.

  • This topic is a wiki so others should be able to edit this post to say if a feature has been added to or is already on either platform. Any other differences not included in this post can also be added.

  • Bugs on either OS should be added to the Bug Reports category instead of this post.

  • Features still in Monzo Labs are not included.

Not on Android (but on iOS)

Total = 13

Not on iOS (but on Android)

Total = 12


I’ve removed changing pot pictures and request PIN reminders using fingerprint as you can do this on Android now :slight_smile:


You can’t change pot pictures on iOS though so that is missing if available on Android.


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If you click on “settings” for a pot, you can change the pot picture by clicking on one of the images below your current pot picture (see screenshot below).


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I think that’s included under this:

Maybe I was thinking more on the line of custom images :thinking: . I stand corrected.

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Nice idea for a thread :smile: I’ve added a couple of images to the Android section for you :slight_smile:

I think there will always be differences between the platforms; NFC activation is a good example, it’s something that doesn’t massively hinder iOS users but it plays to the strengths of Android’s flexibility in the same way that iOS can have customer icons by default but it took a couple of attempts to get the same feature working on Android :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’ll be cool to see this overall parity-gap shrink :sunglasses: The apps are certainly far more similar to one another than they were back in the Pre-Paid days :wink:


I didn’t realise the whole notes thing wasn’t an issue for Android — that makes it even more frustrating for those of us on iOS! :eyes:


It was probably my biggest annoyance with Monzo when I had to switch from Android to iOS.

However, from what I remember, the current implementation on Android means the reference given to the transfer when it was sent is put in the notes section of the transaction and can therefore be edited and lost.

I think the ideal solution would be to have the iOS “DETAILS” section (see the original post) and then a standard notes section for each transfer.


Completely agree. Stuff like the inability to add some types of notes for iOS or the expenses and foreign currency stuff for Android are the kind of things I hope would be on both OS’s.

Things like the more granular notifications or activating cards using NFC I wouldn’t expect to come to iOS due to platform limitations.

NB: From what I understand, the more granular notifications are a consequence of the Android operating system and it would take a lot of work to have the same on iOS.


What does this actually do?

AFAIK it detects whether your phone is roughly near the location of a card transaction :eyes:

I don’t believe it is that precise. I think it’s more “is it in the correct country”… I’ve had it enabled and had my phone in Northampton but used my card in London unless maybe that’s not far enough?

Recently added:

On iOS but not on Android

  • Switch accounts by long pressing the tabs bar.

  • Ability to export receipt attachments from the app.

On Android but not on iOS

  • Standing Order end dates shown in Standing Order details.
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An update on the recurring transactions:

More flexible Standing Orders, pot transfers and subscription frequencies

:white_check_mark: Standing Orders: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
:x: Pots: Every Day/Week/Month/Year
:white_check_mark: Subscriptions: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly

:white_check_mark: Standing Orders: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
:white_check_mark: Pots: Day/Week/2 Weeks/4 Weeks/Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly
:white_check_mark: Subscriptions: Every X Days/Weeks/Months/Years


Available on iOS but not Android

Choose which category transactions automatically fall under as part of an international trip



Investor cards are now available in the iOS app:


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What are you referring to when you say investor cards are now available?

On the account tab, where it shows a picture of a monzo card, it’ll say “investor” if you are one.