Why Monzo think Android app is on par with iOS

I just saw below tweets and felt a big weird that Monzo would think enhanced iOS search functionality is not really important for Android users.

I think most Android users properly have not seen or expired search :mag_right: on iOS app so they will not even be aware how different and great it is.

Please don’t say that you have done all you wanted for parity because you know haven’t. Bring iOS search features to Android.




Monzo do often have an odd definition of “Complete” or “Done” I’ve found. There is obviously not parity yet


I wouldn’t mind if they had not claimed this

Android app = IOS

I expect Monzo to be better than this and just say they will revisit this in future and just don’t have time to work on this. Be honest as most of the time you guys are.


When we compiled the list of research that led to the creation of the Big List, the things that came up for feature parity were Targets, Travel Reports, and Fingerprint payments.

It’s quite possible that not enough Android users were aware of the differences in Search for it to come up in the suggestions - but regardless, it didn’t come up, so it wasn’t committed to.

There will always be minor differences in the two apps - for example, on Android you can activate your card using NFC, which you can’t do on iOS. You can also use the App Shortcuts on Android to go directly to Summary or Support, and control notifications per category (for example, you can toggle notifications on/off for credits, debits, actions, chat replies, spending reports, and more).

If these were things that someone really wanted to use on iOS, you could then argue that there is not feature parity for iOS, but at that point, is it valuable discussion for the majority of users, or are we getting into semantic debate about what parity does and does not mean?

The things we have shipped were deemed to be important major features. The data suggests that the variable search functions on iOS weren’t considered to be a major feature.

That said, it’s likely that we will build this at some point. But, as mentioned, the requests weren’t there at the time of compiling what would make it into our Big List.


To be fair, that’s a list of differences between iOS and Android.

I think that people want parity between iOS and Android apps where it is possible to achieve that.

It seemed odd that Monzo would claim parity where the apps aren’t equal in those circumstances where they could be, which you’ve now explained.


Not necessarily - my understanding is that we could potentially add the Summary and Support app shortcuts on iOS also, and granular notifications could be achieved on iOS, it would just be a lot of work whereas on Android it’s a natural course of the way the app is built. The NFC activation is indeed a platform limitation as you say.


I don’t doubt that Monzo did research etc… But i have seen this mentioned here on Monzo community quite a few times.

But Monzo were aware and when conducting research why users were not exposed to what’s available on other platform seems bit strange.

All these things are just not possible to be implemented on iOS and you know this. There will always be differences indeed but please just don’t compare with OS specific stuff.

I am just saying don’t claim that Android app = iOS when you guys know its not. Things shipped are great and thanks but things not shipped are also important for parity. I am not sure how the data was collected but I am sure if you show any Android user that it’s possible to view your card PIN just by looking at your phone or with finger they would definitely tell you it’s better than taking a mugshot shot while holding an ID.


It sounds like you might have missed this comment -

This is probably as close to parity as the two apps will get, aside from anything else the release schedules aren’t perfectly in sync so one app will often have at least one more piece of functionality than the other. Most users experience of the apps will be parity so I think it would be silly not to describe it that way. Small print doesn’t work very well in tweets.

You are technically correct that’s it’s not parity though, I’ll give you that.

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I guess you must have missed this;

How do you know this? :joy:

There shouldn’t be a need for small print. Just say we have done this and will work on rest. :man_shrugging:

Thank you sir.


What an absolute fob off that is. Android quite clearly does not equal iOS and Android users not being psychic enough to know what they don’t have isn’t an excuse.


Not true aside from NFC card activation :grinning:


At least I have not seen these available on most Apps. But please don’t feel this the wrong way. I am giving feedback and as a user I think it’s just not what I expected from Monzo.
Apart from search, like I said Android still lacks full fingerprint support i.e. For pin view. I am not going to go in detail but there are quite a few other minor things which are missing for Android users and you would. Of course know that. They all add up and make iOS user experience better than Android.


You’re an Android user so how would you know this? :joy:

Very funny :ok_hand:

I do have an iOS device given to me by my employer. Hope this is OK.


Great you’ve got the best of both worlds then :boom:

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Again, it just comes down to wording for me.

If Monzo had said “Android main features = iOS features”, no one would complain.

Parity means parity, and whilst it’s impossible to achieve given the OS specifics, it shouldn’t be used to describe the apps when they are clearly not on parity with each other.

For what it’s worth, the Android updates seem to have been very well received, and no one has complained about that.

It’s just the wording that is the problem, and it feels a little like “pulling the wool over your eyes” - which isn’t what Monzo is about.


Pulling alpaca wool over our eyes perhaps!?


So given the reality of the situation, you’re saying that Monzo should never use the word parity & their marketing term should be ‘main features are the same’ instead? That doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue does it.


I dont really have a problem with there being some differences, it’s kind of to be expected.

But monzo shouldn’t be trying to say that the apps are the same with words like “parity” or things like “Android app = iOS” or setting goals and giving them a pat on their back claiming that it’s completed when it’s clearly not.

If you don’t want to actually make the apps the same fine, don’t, and don’t claim that they are.


I certainly think they should do a better job with their wording at times.

Honestly… I don’t care about Android (sorry guys), but I had always assumed that after this “parity” marketing, it would be virtually identical.

But as Simon explained, all they meant by “parity” was a few key features that Android users had requested.