Big dogs, lagoon blue cards and the new mobile network

Hello! :nerd_face:

A couple of years ago after a bad experience with a big phone network, while watching a group of non-bankers do well in banking, I Googled “How to start a mobile network.”

Then ~13 months ago, I hijacked this forum with an idea for building said network, aiming to do for telecoms what Monzo have done for banking.

It turns out starting a new carrier isn’t a complete doddle, so “launching later this year” turned into “launching soon” which finally lead to May 31st, 2019, where idea became reality. And to hijack this place again?! That is cheeky. Being one of Mondo’s early users and having invested a few coins makes me feel less bad…

If you like Monzo, you might like what we’re doing – modern pay-as-you-go, multi-SIM accounts, native & feature-equal iOS and Android apps (:wink:), near-realtime usage and to quote a couple of our customers, it’s “buttery smooth” with “control of a SIM that is unprecedented…”

We use EE’s top-notch coverage and are only just getting started, but have much bigger plans… a global borderless network, the first operator on Mars, etc.

But at what cost?

£2/GB (pay by the byte), 3p/min and 3p/SMS, with a minimum £5/month top-up. We’re not for everyone, but if you want transparent pricing where you only pay for what you use, we might be for you.

And we’re giving away 1 million shares (currently 8% of Zevvle) in return for helping us grow…

Have a great weekend! :smile:

P.S. We also have a forum for anyone interested. I can’t keep stealing airtime here, so I do it over there instead. If you’re interested in our progress or telecoms in general, that’s a good place to talk about it.


Jesus, £2/GB? That’s expensive… (for someone that gets 100GB/mo and uses at least a fifth of it).

  • 500MB is £2.50
  • 1GB is £5.00
  • 2GB is £7.50
  • 5GB is £11
  • 10GB is £15
  • 20GB is £20
  • 50GB is £35

Cheaper then Tesco Mobile!


Granted if you’re using 20 GB we’re probably not for you, but the next cheapest pay-as-you-go in the UK is £10/GB… We don’t do bundles or anything, and you only pay for what you use^^ :slight_smile:


I can’t stress how lovely pay-as-you go is. No thoughts of am I on their most optimal package or I should use data more just so I’m not wasting my monthly allowance.

That difference in framing would be worth a little price increase, but Zevvle’s actually a little cheaper than my previous monthly bundle. ^^


Congrats! I remember the original post. You can see the inspiration for the app has come from ‘Mondo’!

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I agree it doesn’t seem like the best value compared to other available options. My current package is £7.50 for 2GB data, unlimited texts and unlimited calls. (SMARTY).

However, any unused data will be discounted off the next payment, so I usually only end up paying around £6.80 - and although it’s a subscription (paying for the month ahead), it’s still no-contract/PAYG.

Sticking with the max figure of £7.50, that would get me 2GB of data with Zevvle, but only allow for 300 texts. I send a lot of texts… :sweat_smile:

I’ll be staying where I am, but still, good luck - hope you get plenty of people on board! :blush:


Thank you, I’m no designer and that layout worked well… :wink:

Thank you! :pray:


I’ve just signed up the rest of my family to this network in the last few days. My usage (and BT Sports) mean I go direct with EE but the rest of my house are low GB users where months can be up and down depending how much we get out the house. I’ll hopefully save a bit compared to Smarty but we’ll see :+1:


I’m generally a very low volume user with some notable spikes when travelling.

I’ve yoyoed a bit between PAYG (very expensive on certain networks…) and monthly bundles, which I’ve never really used.

Zevvle just does away with all that nonsense and gives you simple pricing that’s really very reasonable/positively a bargain for most users.

Of course, if you’re going to be using hundreds of GB a month, it’s not for you, but then you’re probably being subsidised by users somewhere on your current network… who may be better off with Zevvle! I wonder how this is going to pan out :thinking:

The app is already pretty slick with updates all the time, friendly and helpful forum, Tim and Nick offer great service (which I really hope they can scale successfully!).

Not for the faint hearted at such an early stage, obvs, but really worth considering


At the very least I would expect them to only hire support staff who are also called Tim or Nick.


Ok my sim is on its way. Looking forward to giving it a whirl!


I don’t think I’ve sent a text in the last three years!


I didn’t used to but have been sending more and more as I try to avoid Facebook Messenger…


Tried Signal or Telegram?


Thought I’d do a quick test on this mth for me.

£2.88 in calls
£0.39 in SMS
£1.46 in data

£4.73? Not bad. Some months I do use a lot more calls/data though and I’m on £5 fixed atm.


Love me some Signal, but it’s difficult to drag others with you! Only a few people I know have made the jump.

My favourite thing at the moment though is the Matrix project. They publish an open chat protocol, with the aim of making it a de facto standard. The encryption is based on Signal’s, but the system is designed for decentralisation, so anyone can write and run their own servers and clients that implement the protocol. (Basically, make chat more like email.)


How much is that per month with iD?

Matrix <3 things like this are wonderful; the closed havens come and go.

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£5.00 a month, it’s a legacy double data offer which they haven’t increased. I think it would now be £9.00 for new customers if you needed 3GB. They used to have a cheaper £3.99 sim, but the current cheapest is £6 for just 1GB however it looks like new idmobile they just say unlimited sms and calls and you pay for data.

2017 this was the base.

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It’s not for me due to my usage and a decent promo plan available to me, but what an achievement. Well done indeed. Looks like something I could suggest to people.

I do wish my provider had such a decent looking app… good luck with the venture.