List of "part baked" features [Wiki]

There have been suggestions around the forums that there are “part baked” features that need some love (this does not constitute a personal opinion either way on behalf of the OP, instead mainly enabling discussions kicked off elsewhere)

This thread following up on this post, but creates it as a shared wiki:

Add your examples to the bullet point list below - please keep them polite and to the point:


  • Additional Summary period options (e.g. last Friday of the month).

Joint-Personal Account Parity

Scheduled Pot Payments/Management

Android-iOS Parity

Payee Management

International Payments

Bill Splitting and Shared Tabs


I think the issue with a list like this is how do you define the difference between an addition which takes a feature from “part baked” to “fully baked” and an addition which is a new feature in its own right?

For example:

I’d consider scheduled pot payments to be “fully baked” without the above (although it would be a good addition).

True. To most it’d be considered fully polished… Unless you’re payed the last Friday of each month. Summary or left to spend has never worked for me.

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Good point, but maybe one to consider once some more ideas have been collected

For now, let’s just facilitate collecting together points from other threads

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Not sure how it would be categorised, but my wife noticed that you can’t schedule a “Monzo to Monzo” payment from your contact list. Instead you have to set it up as a standing order type payment.

It seems surprising that to schedule a transfer between two Monzo accounts you have to go old school and use account and sort code details.


I’m not sure that “part-baked” is the right term. And as others have pointed out, “fully baked” is subjective.

I wonder whether this would be more useful to keep a log of commitments made but yet to be realised?

Monzo-to-monzo recurring payments are a feature in its own right. You can vote for it here:

I think this is a good idea for another post - any features that we are told will be built in the future in the forum or on blog posts.

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Add Monzo Plus to the list.

iOS Pot Feeds/History is another

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I thought it would be interesting to some feedback from users on what features people consider to be broken, missing or/and unfinished with Monzo

To get this started with the following:

  • Contacts - No edit capability or support for images
  • Contact lists - Messy list of contacts
  • Categories - Not enough of them
  • IFTTT - No joint account support
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Crack on with adding them to the first post of this thread now you have been merged in :slight_smile:

Isn’t Monzo Plus in beta?

I’d say Alpha maybe

My role, such as it is, was to enable the original thread, but I would say it does not belong on this list

I think its fair to say it has some fairly involved discussion already on here

What the original OP was going for was those features delivered as MVP and then left there