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Ahh ok I see. You’re right, we’ve had that for a while on Android :+1:

New Additions

On iOS but not on Android

On Android but not on iOS

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Grey pending foreign transactions are coming :soon::


Strange one but ‘beta’ icon colour on Android and iOS are different.

iOS is mint green
Android is red.

Assume this is the same for ‘alpha’ too

For those who didn’t know (including me till last week), if you’ve Android and Apple phones, the benefits in one OS carry across to the other ie, installing the “merge payees” feature on my Android phone makes it available on the Xr.

It sounds obvious now I’ve typed it…but anyway there it is. :flushed:


Hmmmmm… that’s a tough one. Do you know which way round is meant to be correct?

no idea… says iOS is correct however it was written by an iOS engineer :slight_smile:

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I’ll put it under “Not on Android (but on iOS)” for now then.

I didn’t realise the whole notes thing wasn’t an issue for Android — that makes it even more frustrating for those of us on iOS! :eyes:

This is now available on the Android app from 2.52.0

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Excellent, just in time for my holiday! :airplane:


Off away on Saturday, so will be v. useful.

Just a quick question for my own sanity and others that have iOS and Android, (Note: I have not read all posts, but some).

For example: Android has/had Summary option, iOS does not. Can anyone advise as to why Monzo decided not to keep the template for the App the same on both OS’s please? I understand that iOS and Android Users will ask for different features, but ideally the template I would have should should be the same, so when it comes to Customers saying is this an ‘Android thing’ they would already know what it was.

To summarise:

They’re separate teams with different priorities.

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OK, knew they would be different teams, but thought some functionality would be the same, which I guess it is, it’s just that Summary is not.

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I love Monzo.

Currently it is possible to send scheduled payments to other accounts outside of Monzo and repeat the transaction every 2 weeks. It is also possible to edit these scheduled payments anytime through the schedule tab.

Unfortunately, schedule payments to Monzo pots does not have the same functionality, you can only send every week, but not every other week (which is very annoying if you get paid every 2 weeks and wish to organise your money automatically) you also can’t edit a scheduled payment to a pot. You have to delete and re-add.

Please Monzo, can you fix this so that sending schedule payments to pots has the same functionality? I feel that Monzo are concentrating on bringing out new features, e.g. Business and Monzo Plus, but have forgotten about the simple things like scheduled payments.


Hello I’ve moved your post into here - hope you don’t mind.

The problem you describe is a parity issue as the feature already exists on Android.

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It’s so frustrating that this basic functionality is still missing from the iOS app. I’m having to run an Android emulator on my Mac just to allow me to update notes. I’m beginning to think we’re never going to see this so-called parity between the platforms.


Remember to vote for the ability to add notes to transfers on iOS here:


I’ve added a note to the wiki about the ongoing problem of statements being generated as US Letter size on iOS :frowning: