Adding notes on iOS + transfer details section on Android for bank transfers

Thought I’d create a separate topic for this now that voting has been enabled for stuff in the “Feedback & Ideas” section.

It’s really frustrating to not be able to add notes to external transfers on iOS. However, I think the bank details section currently on iOS, but not on Android, is really useful.

So this is my feature request:

  • Have a “Notes” section for external transfers on iOS (incoming/outgoing Faster Payments & Monzo-to-Monzo).

  • Have a “DETAILS” section in the transaction details of each transfer (like on iOS - see below) containing the original reference and the sort code & account number if a Faster Payment.

Absolutely second this!


+1 and surely this should be on split bills too!


Really hope this is prioritised.

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A partial repeat to another comment I have made elsewhere

My view on this is that it is critical.

In order to be able to “manage your money”, “understand your money” and all the other items Monzo shout about, you need to be able to categorise all transactions at a level deemed understandable and usable by the user.

The default categories are great, but as in many other places on this forum mention, they are not custom, and do not meet the needs of many. Custom tags are a very simple answer to this. But missing tagging across a large percentage of transactions breaks this.


I’d definitely find it helpful to add notes and tags to outgoing transfers, please :slight_smile:


Same here, noticed this the other day. Would definitely be handy to have!

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