Core Experience Update 📣

What has core-experience been up to since our last post?

It’s been a few weeks since we last checked in as a squad, so I wanted to drop in and give a quick update on where we are! You’ve been giving us A LOT of awesome ideas to look into - thank you! We’ve been working on a number of improvements and have a lot more coming :rocket:

:rocket: Shipped

:eyes: Coming soon

  • An easier way to share your link with others, helping you get paid back quicker
  • More granular privacy permissions
  • Payment request reminders
  • Ability to edit scheduled pot transfers on iOS

:sunrise: On the horizon

  • Some tweaks to bill splits
  • Improved ways to move money around your Monzo pots & accounts
  • We’ve also started some research into our payments tab and experiences - If you have any thoughts, please make sure to feed into Chloe’s post here

Please keep your suggestions coming :pray: and continue to watch this space :rocket:

:heart: Giorgio & the Core Experience Squad :v:


This all sounds great. Thanks to you and the rest of your team for all the hard work, and for keeping us updated :smiley:


Never thought I’d see it.


Pot to Pot transfers!!


OMG! Apply Pay back in :heart_eyes:


Fantastic that has increased to £500, however the £1,000 monthly inbound limit also needs to be raised.


Thanks for the feedback! I’d love to better understand your use case for this, do you mind sharing a bit more context?


Hi Georgio,

I am getting married in October and wantEd to advertise my link on our wedding website for guests to contribute to our honeymoon instead of having a gift list.




Got it, that makes sense and thanks for sharing! Also congrats!


I’ve be a bit wary about this, I wanted to do the same and mine is in a week’s time. However, I didn’t want the money to just drop in like this from all different people and places into my account and for it to be subject to any AML checks just in case

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Good use case for being able to share account details via Open Banking, like the links that can be used by business account holders to get paid.


Please let me bulk pay and/or not return me to the homepage each time I pay one :pray:

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Maybe “Collection pots” can be a new thing? It would be great to be able to set up a pot for a work collection or wedding collection and have people Monzo money straight into there!


Payments from pots? :kissing_heart:


Nah. That exists via Monzo Plus. Solving this problem now would just undermine any value from that.

This to me reads more like the ability to be able to just move money from pots to pots or pots to accounts and vice versa from a proper interface thats designed for that functionality.

As right now the only way you can really pay into your pot is to go into the pot and pay in. Same for taking money out. And you can’t transfer between pots at all. It’s cumbersome and unintuitive. Anything that makes this experience better is a :+1: from me. Copy the whole drag n drop UI from N26 and they’ll get :+1::+1::+1: from me.


How did this work? Colour me intrigued!

Tap and hold on pot/account icon, drag your finger to another pot/account icon, let go, enter amount, done. It was a really slick way of doing it.

Could work for payments between friends if they remedy this by overhauling the payments tab, so you can pay friends directly from pots too. I’ve either shared a video or a gif of it in action somewhere before, I’ll see if I can find it and edit this post to add it.

edit: There’s a gif in my post that started this thread:

Really miss the Jedi swipe gesture to hide the balance too. It was these little things that made me fall for N26.


Oh, I missed that. And I have premium :man_facepalming:

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Tbf there’s still no way to pay direct debits or standing orders directly from pots.

There’s the pot to main account shuffle that’s free for everyone, or the virtual card directly from pots for paying customers.