Android balance widget

(Not Theresa May) #1

Android homescreen balance widget, or shows progress to saving goals.

Low developmental intensity, and gives android another distinct feature like app shortcuts

Android Widgets
(Josh Bray) #2

There is so much potential with android in general. They can achieve so much but currently they have 3(maybe 4) android devs working flat out to bring it up to speed with the iOS version. In time they will be able to do all these, but it’ll be great to see them attempt a widget.

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I would find really useful a widget to see my balance on the home screen.


I would like to add my +1 to this idea. A basic widget only showing current balance on the homescreen would be so useful. Not sure about security ramifications with this.

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(Paul ) #5

It would be great to have a widget. Moved back from ios to android and miss not having a widget.

(Matt ) #7

Yes please

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(Adam) #8

This would be great functionality. One of the only times I’ve heard of an iOS app having a widget and Android not!


(Mr Antonio Monteiro-Sampson) #9

Why is this not yet in our (android) lives, @monzo? #feedback

(Michaela) #10

Moving from IOS to Android that is defiantly one thing I miss! THE WIDGET!

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(Adam) #11

Are there any plans for an Android widget?

(David Walton) #12

There’s a DIY version, using IFTTT and a Google sheet. This is probably more complex as it works out a calculated daily budget to display as a widget, but the sheet could be modified to show the daily balance instead;

(only for Personal Accounts, as IFTTT has no triggers available for Joint Accounts yet)

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Android Widgets
(Charlie Kelly) #13

Native widgets would be awesome. Personal wishlist:

  • Current Balance
  • Pot values / percentages
  • Summary / left to spend counter
  • Recent friends / payees
(David Wainwright) #14

An Android widget showing current balance and most recent transactions (e.g. last 5) would be great.

(David Walton) #15

If Monzo is to develop a widget, it should be available for Personal and Joint Accounts - the app already knows if you have a PA and a JA and so the choice of which account to show in a widget should be baked in. In other words, two independent widgets can be displayed - one for PA and one for JA

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