[iOS] Ability to withdraw total amount from pot using [+] button

Issue: If a pot contains an amount which is not a multiple of £5, the [+] is disabled when the withdrawal amount goes within £5 of the total amount in the pot.

The [+] should only be disabled when the withdrawal amount is the total in the pot. The total in the pot should be the upper limit when pressing the [+] button.

Details to reproduce: Create a pot which doesn’t have a multiple of £5 in, but contains more than £5 ==> Tap the [+] button until you get to the multiple of £5 that is nearest to the total amount in the pot.

OS: iOS 12.0.1

Device: iPhone 6

App Version: 2.20.0

Screenshots and example:


  • Pressing the [+] button should change the withdrawal amount to £26.75 and then the [+] button should be disabled.

Desired Behaviour:

  • Pressing the [+] button would eventually change the withdrawal amount to the total amount in the pot before the button is disabled (ie: for the example above, pressing the [+] button again would take the withdrawal amount to £26.75).

Would you not just type in the amount?

I wouldn’t say it was a bug, but one more press to take it to the full balance could be a nice little feature addition.

I do think that I’d probably just type the full amount in manually if too many presses were needed, though.


I know the definition of what a bug is was a topic of discussion on a post about what scheduled pot withdrawals should occur and I did consider posting this as a feature addition.

In the end I decided to post it as a bug because if there is money in the pot then you’d expect to be able to press [+] to add more to the withdrawal amount.

Also, from what I remember you can press the [+] to eventually get to the full amount on Android.

Just checked, you are correct. Also, I don’t know if it’s the same on IOS, but on Android it seems to default to the full contents of the pot when you first open the withdrawal screen.

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