Editing Payees

(Duncan Stevenson-Price) #1

I noticed that when someone paid money into my account, they were added to the ‘Payments’ tab, but their name was formatted very poorly:


I was shocked to see that I couldn’t link this to a contact card on my phone, or even edit the details to make the name a little friendlier, add a contact photo etc.

Now that I’ve used the CASS, I have a bunch of payees in my account which are all horribly formatted. Is there really no way to edit this?

Also, I noticed the ‘add contact’ button on the Payment screen (little icon next to the search field). As far as I can tell, this just adds a new contact to my iPhone’s address book and does nothing in Monzo at all. Am I missing something here?

Improved payee management

This idea has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:

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(Duncan Stevenson-Price) #3

Damn. I didn’t do a good job of searching at all. :man_facepalming:

Thanks! :purple_heart: