Recent payees list for current accounts

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Sending money to the same bank account more than once is currently not a great experience: you have to manually re-enter the sort code and account number :slightly_frowning_face: Our team has been looking into a solution to this problem, and we’ve come up with the following Recent Payees list:


The list will show everyone you have paid, sorted with the most recent payees at the top. Once you click on a payee, you’ll be navigated straight to the amount/reference screen. We hope that this will help make sending money easier!

As always, we’d love to hear what you think :slightly_smiling_face:



Any chance of the last reference being there as well, for credit card payments etc?
And also a search box to search for a payee?


Make sorting a user controlled option - I’d like to see mine alphabetically.

And, like @HoddzDJ, I don’t want to have to key my credit card reference every time - might pay off someone else’s bill by mistake!


Looking good :slight_smile: How will Monzo to Monzo contacts appear? Will they still automatically discover and add them to my ‘Payments’ list? Nice to see an android screenshot too although I am an iOS user.

I also think its a good idea to remember the reference and a search box is a must as Ben said :slight_smile:


Need to be able to set up the same payee (sort code and account number) more than once with different references, e.g. for car and home ins at same company, or two ISAs with same firm for your two daugters, etc


Needs to store reference number too :slight_smile:


The prospect of being able to change the reference each time is attractive. Keeping the previous reference is a must for the likes of credit cards but it would be great to be able to adjust them for family, friends and even some companies.

I assume the grey rectangle above the keypad is something to do with the schedule?

(I haven’t set a repeating payment up yet so I apologise if any of this is already answered in the current app)

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If you look very very close, it says Next Step and will go blue(?) when the details are filled in.

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

This is just a temporary time-saver whilst current accounts are in preview mode. Our design team are currently working on how the payments and contacts sections of the app should work in a world where there are multiple ways to pay your contacts (Monzo-to-Monzo, Faster Payments, Standing Orders, etc).

They’re currently exploring how to display your contacts, and offer enough flexibility to decide which account of theirs you want to send money to (are you sending money to your partner’s Monzo account, or to a joint savings account elsewhere? etc…)

We’ll try to factor in the need to sometimes repeat references, and sometimes use different references for payments to the same account. We may need to start with something simple, but keep telling us your use cases, this is all really useful input!



Perhaps prefill with the last used reference but allow it to be edited?

And when can we have this? It’s the most painful aspect of the CA for me, I’m worried I will mis type the details at the moment.


Was going to comment but you have answered my questions with this post. :+1:

The designs are fine as a temporary solution and needed as an urgent edition to the CA preview.


Also, don’t do what FD do - I have a bill I pay by bank transfer but the reference is the current date - FD save every one of them…

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It would be more helpful to be able to set up payees without having to make a payment to them. E. G. Set up beneficiary name, reference sort code and account number at any time and either enter a payment amount or leave the payment amount and payment date and frequency blank.

Set up payees should remain until cancelled or amended.

The payment system needs to cater for multiple Currencies and both domestic and international beneficiaries too please with the same transaction flow irrespective of whether the payment is international or domestic.

I’m also not clear why standing orders and direct debits don’t appear under the payments section and instead appear under spending. This is just illogical. Payments are where the mandates should reside. Spending is for transaction details not mandates.

All payment mandates (recurring payments (standing orders, direct debits etc.) and one off payment authorities should be shown under the Payments scree and be capable of review, edit or cancellation there (the single option to cancel the payment is far too limited.

The Spending screen should show an analysis of spending irrespective of how the transaction was initiated. It would also be the logical place for statements please.


Annndroiiiiid preview :heart_eyes_cat: I’m defo a vote for alphabetical order, I have no recognition for ‘latest’ orders (it works for forum, where I go through every thread, but not for payees).

Repeating reference might be annoying for me, but it could be blank with option to select previous reference/s from dropdown.

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Should be

Frequently Used > Alphabetically

Options to favourite payees.


Hi, I like the concept and feel this is definitely needed. I feel it could be made more useful still if for each payee you were to add the following information (probably greyed out):

  • last payment date
  • last payment amount
  • last reference.

I feel knowing when and how much you last paid someone is useful. Ideally you’d also have the option to link each payee to a contact in your phone’s contacts.


Hope to see this soon. Really good idea.

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If the reference field were pre-filled with the previous reference, but already ‘selected’ when you tapped on it, then for those who want to change the reference, there’s no extra step (tap on the field, start typing, it will erase the previous reference). This is, for instance, how the system search on iOS works (pull down the screen, last search pre-populated but selected, so you can just type over it).

Regarding the listing order, I’d like to see a combination. Say, top 5 being my most recent payees, sorted by date, dividing line, then the full alphabetical list of previous payees.

One feature not mentioned, but necessary for the full CA, is the ability to remove payees from the list.

Thanks for sharing this!


I personally don’t want to have my contacts integrated unless they are already on Monzo. I only have two contacts with Monzo out of 30 odd contacts. I don’t then want the rest to show up in there when they do not have Monzo accounts

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I wouldn’t want to see any contacts there unless I’d already sent them money. As this is only a temporary solution, keep it simple and spend the time on the ‘real’ solution for full roll out.