Add Payees Easily

(Naji Esiri) #1

Add New Payees Easily

Status: Working on it

- Add a Payee without having to pay them first

- Group multiple accounts under a payee

Update 18/12: You can now add multiple bank accounts to a payee!

Let us know what you think below!

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" Linked Accounts "
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(MikeF) #2

With a banking history with First Direct, I’ve never had this functionality so wasn’t too fussed about it. Now that it’s looming, I look at the people I can group accounts together for in my contacts list and start to see how useful this may become.

Looking forward to it!

(Frank) #3

Can you put the same details under more than one person? I’m thinking where do I put joint account details. :thinking:

(👨‍💻) #4

This looks exactly what I have been waiting ages for…




Yes yes yes.

Will I be able to upload contact images?

Also what is the symbol next to sort code for?


Awesome! :blush:

(Also, does that lovely doggy have a bank account?)


This look great!


  • Will there be the option to link phone contacts which are on Monzo to a Payee so you can send P2P payments through the Payee?

  • It would be great if the bank logo appeared next to the Linked Account. Maybe instead of the logo of the columned building design? I think it would help people choose the correct account to pay if a Payee has loads of different accounts.

  • Will the Payees be stored on the Monzo servers or locally on each device? Having them stored on the Monzo servers would be great - just like how Google or Apple store phone contacts.

(Alex Russell-Saw) #9

Cool dog… cough cough

(Kieran McHugh) #10

Yes, after you’ve paid or been paid by them once.

It will :slight_smile:

This will initially be an extension of “recent payees” - so everyone you can see in your recents will be moved to this new service. For now, “Monzo Stories” (as I call it, the round photos) will still be powered by your phone’s contacts.


That would be the logo of the bank :slight_smile:


Very similar to Starlings implementation. Which is good, so glad to see a similar approach being taken.


Looks bloody beautiful!

(Nathan) #14

Nice job guys!

Next just need to by some sort of magic get linked to bank transfers from payees in a bill split


Would it be possible instead to store this information on the phone’s contacts (you can add custom fields to them so I imagine you can do this programmatically too)? This means your payees would be portable across all banking apps if they choose to implement this too.

(Jolin) #16

That looks excellent! Exactly the kind of thing I was hoping for. :pray::hugs:


This looks so so amazing. :hot_coral_heart:

Hoping for a release soon! :soon:

And a big :heavy_plus_sign::one: for this!

(Jordan Taylor) #18

Excited to see the progress on this!

(Ravi) #19

O. M. Goodness!!!


I like this looks good to me