Improved payee management

I haven’t seen (or taken note of), a huge amount of specifics around payee management - But it’s been a “problem” area for many for as long as I can remember.

The issue for Monzo is something they’ve fallen foul of many a time… Over promise, under deliver.

Adding “Improved payee management” to the Big List looked like a great decision for lots of us - I think it’s fair to say that we all thought it would be a big improvement, adding some rather obvious little “features” if you can call it that, to an area of the app that was massively under developed (MO).

But… what ended up happening was the same as a few of the other “Big List” features, and it turned into a marketing/tick box exercise, rather than a genuine attempt to improve the customer experienc🤷‍♂️

Monzo counter this with “Well… we said we’d improve it, and we did” (paraphrasing), which is technically true, but still a long way from everyones expectations (just like the Android/iOS parity tick box).

Since then, they’ve given the UI a facelift, but functionality remains the same.

Merge payees is Android exclusive and came about from a couple of Monzo engineers working on it in their own time… :flushed:

Personally, I’ve given up waiting for new features (or improvements to existing features) that will be considered boring or basic - They just don’t seem to be happening.


Sadly agree with you @nickh I’ve made my points around payee management a few times now and im starting to sound like a broken record.

I do have faith they’ll get it right eventually but it seems to be a very small team that gets involved in improvements rather than new developments


I agree with you. There’s been so many wonderful suggestions on here about how payees could be managed but development of this area has stalled, and sounds like, on iOS at least, Monzo are fine with it as it is.

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I’d suggest though, that, with so much talk earlier on around improving the whole payee thing, some statement around where it now fits in the scheme of things would seem reasonable.

This was, after all, what we were promised not simply a call from users.

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If only…

I don’t think I’ve seen a blanket promise to provide what users request in any area of Monzo development. I agree that user requests are taken on board in different areas at different times but never in a ‘we will do whatever you say’ manner which is what I thought you were saying.

I think it’s pretty obvious from all the feedback & ideas topics, that Monzo don’t just do whatever people ask for.

The whole feedback & ideas thing is probably part of the problem as people feel they have a voice but reality is that Monzo has its own objectives and goals it’s focusing on, so basic app features like edit payee is not going to see the light of day unless some developer spends their own time building it.

That’s my view anyway, I’m not sceptical or anything

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You’re absolutely right. I don’t think it’s skepticism at all.

I’d quibble over ‘basic features’ as a description but then I’ve banked with First Direct for years so editing payees is not something I’ve ever had so don’t miss. I have to say that getting them right first time hasn’t been that hard.

To be clear, my point is about the lack of follow-up after that statement (forget when it was) about focusing on payee management.

The sense of that statement was that real attention would be given to the functionality, presumably acknowledging previous user comments.

I would never expect the developers to jump to the forum’s tune. It’d be helpful to know, though, where that original enthusiasm currently sits.


This needs to happen my payees are so ugly.


I’m new to Monzo and I was just about to set up my Payees but realised I can’t do it without immediately sending a payment which was disappointing. Now I can’t even edit the ones that I formatted incorrectly.

I hope this is sorted ASAP. It’s a basic feature all banking apps have.


First Direct doesn’t. What Monzo offer is better than I was used to even in its current state.

Agreed. If nothing else it’s a pain in the backside when some are formatted as surname / first name and others vice versa. Not helpful for searching!

Would maybe be nice to even include the name of the bank in the notes so that when you click into the transaction from the feed you can see which account its referring to at a glance? :man_shrugging:

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Or the logo somewhere?

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Yeah I like the little monzo logo showing sometimes, would be nice if this could be added maybe in same way as the little round ups logo.

Also just on that there are still a high number of banks that are missing logos :grimacing:

Hello, new to Monzo here and apologise if this has been suggested before! :see_no_evil: However I think it would be so useful for “Reference” data for your payees could be saved, rather than the default “Sent from Monzo”.

Becomes rather tedious when sending regular payments to a payee with a long reference number - i.e. paying a credit card.

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Mine definitely saves the data for my Credit Card - I pay it all the time. I wonder whats causing it to forget?

@anon99402360 maybe it’s something I’m doing wrong… Will have to check it out. It definitely saved it for my Scheduled Payments (i.e. Standing Orders). Thanks!

Yes to this!

I have several accounts with different financial entities all in my name. It’s impossible to see which is which from the payee screen, making moving money around almost impossible. It would be great if I could edit the payee names myself.


Editing names and adding images would be super useful