New Look Monzo / polish and finish - what next?

So @bruno and co have finished off the new look Monzo! :raised_hands:

My understanding of this is that it’s a brand new framework to make sure that Monzo is fit for the future - but that new features and tidying up will happen over time.

With this in mind, and thinking about what I said in another thread…

… I wanted to think about what needs ‘polish and finish’!

To my mind there are a few things that absolutely need to be done:

  • Better way to step back in time / find early transactions (I literally just spent 3 minutes scrolling trying to find my first ever transaction #fail)
  • Sort out search (it’s a pain - might also help with the going back in time thing)
  • New payments tab (:pray:)
  • Rethink Summary (so it’s integrated into the new look and takes into account stuff like Bill Pots etc)
  • Sort out the double profile / settings malarkey!

There will be (many) more.

What are your top polish and finish requests?


That was one thing I liked about the pulse - you can scroll through quickly but obviously it was ugly on top of the screen. Something more innovative needs to be included to allow the scrolling or filter things by years or months


I think the ‘looking back in the past’ thing needs to come with a massive overhaul and rework of Summary. More useful budgeting features and better transaction categorisation and better merchant data are all pretty central to this too.

The budgeting tools were what drew me to Monzo in the first place. Even though after switching I saw how basic they were I stayed for the whole Monzo package - but I would really love some dedicated work on it now.


The biggest thing and perhaps the biggest Monzo bug is the unlinked payments

If you regularly make payments to a savings account for example, they may show like this and are unlinked to anything and therefor you cannot calculate how much you have sent or received - HUGE issue to having your money ‘sorted’.

It is a reported bug and they are working on it but it is taking a while. The only way to fix it in the short term is to reinstall, but it comes back after a week or so.


That looks a bit rubbish. Is that a payment to a savings pot?

To a Marcus savings account. So any transaction you make via FP could be affected.

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Idea 1: How about the way it works on this forum? Has a number indicator in the bottom right hand corner; when you tap it and drag it scrolls through the numbers and when you let go it takes you to that section. They could do that with years/months.

Idea 2: Similar to the new photos app on iOS 13, they could have a “Days/Months/Years” toggle that summarises those periods, and when you tap into a month or year it jumps to that point in the feed.

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Surely this is done, now that “Left to spend” is shown on the feed of each account?

I’m thinking more about budgeting and presentation generally.

It feels a bit like the pie chart button is a quick way to bring the old Summary screens to the new look app. But the whole thing could be designed better so it looks like the new app and fits in better.

And, of course, there’s all sorts of issues with Summary still: different pay periods, inability to forecast more than one incoming payment, doesn’t account for scheduled pot transfers…

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I feel like things are coming on with bill pots and stuff, but I’d really like more focus on better budgeting tools - specifically to budget “YNAB style” in Monzo.

My ideal I guess would be a pot for every ‘category’ I want to care about, and be able to link all transactions, categories, merchants, dds/sos, to be spent from a specific pot.

If I categorise something as Eating Out, boom, instant pot transfer between my eating out pot and the main balance. The coffee shop I go to daily comes out of a coffee fund until £0…

I know some of this is achievable via IFTTT but I would rather it all in app


Just a few little things :slight_smile:

  1. Pressing the Android back button has a habit of unceremoniously dumping you out of the app rather than taking you back to the home screen
  2. Some screens have navy blue headings and some do not - going to take a while for the style to fan out, but I would like every screen to be consistent - some were not even before the new navigation
  3. When you suggest a logo and submit it takes you back to the transaction, however when you suggest a merchant and submit it takes you back to the screen for suggesting a merchant, not the transaction

Are you talking about the back button? Incredibly frustrating that it takes you out of the app rather than to the previous screen!


Clear up tags - issues around capitals and merchant names as tags etc.


Fixing spent today also ‘Spent Today’ still not making any sense

Yeah sorry, did mean to type that. Edited. Thanks

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I like the way this is implemented in Google Photos on Android: when you scroll slowly by dragging in the usual way, a scroll “handle” appears at the side of the screen; you can stop scrolling normally and grab that instead, and it allows you to move very quickly between dates. A few seconds after you stop scrolling, it disappears.

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For me, these are the top ones (although there are loads more):

I think a “Jump to < date >” button would be the best way to solve this problem.


Really hope the new app has the ability to add custom categories and split payments across categories.


This looks like a candidate for polish and finish:


I’m pretty sure they’re already included in Spent Today.