What's next for the new look Monzo app? We'll be making improvements using your feedback

We’ve been listening to your feedback about the new layout, and wanted to share our plans to improve it:


A great show of progress and listening to feedback demonstrated here - fantastic job :monzo: team - keep up the good work :+1:


Really excited about some of these changes - the screenshots look great too :smiley:


I agree - good to see the measured approach. Keep everything in bite size pieces was my working motto - when I worked. Don’t know why I can’t manage it now :crazy_face: R-


I’m really looking forward to the things described in here - thank you for sharing this update.

A few comments on what I personally think would be useful:

If you have a joint account, it’s not always clear which account you’re in. Some people also want to use their joint account as their main account.

I’d love for this to be a toggleable setting for whatever user behaviour is desired. It’s not so much about making it clearer what account I’m in, but making the behaviour more predictable.

For me, I would like to always return to my personal account on app opening. Some may like Joint, and others may like the ‘last account open’.

That way the behavious becomes learned rather than looking for a banner or something.

If you don’t use Summary and budgets, the estimated ‘Left to Spend’ budget on the home screen can be confusing or annoying.

Yep, agree completely. I’ve never used any of the features, and while I trust they are smarter now, I don’t even know how I would begin to set this up so it is reliable and usable.

Finally, we’ll act on your feedback around […] budgeting, and money management. We’ll work on an updated money management system that addresses these needs. Budgeting is quite complex, and very personal depending on your circumstances and setups, so changes here will take a little longer.

Yes please! I would love a more zero-sum approach, or at least an ability to accrue money meaningfully (rather than just transfer to a pot and forget).

Less method specific, but I would love things like “debt calculators” or smarter goal setting (time bound, or dynamic based on pot value etc),

But anyway, all good stuff and I’m looking forward to the app improving


Some great improvements. Glad you’re tidying the settings up and allowing us to reorder pots.

Loving the screenshots :+1:

Mockups look great, will be interesting to see the changes to money management :eyes:

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Settings screen looks alot sleeker.

I think ive only recently realised how bad it was when i had to go into the help section and search for “statements” or “limits” to actually find things in the app

Good to see it will be addressed :clap:


Wouldn’t it make more sense for the weekly budget to say a day rather than a date?


@Rat_au_van Very good eye - you found a bug in the design file. We’re replacing it as we speak…


One thing I’ve noticed that hasn’t improved from the old app.

If you go through a few help screens to find what you’re looking for, you have to keep hitting the back button to get back to the main app. There’s no exit from help other than the way you came in.


Interesting. Do you use Android or iOS? If Android, are you using the Android back button, or the ones in the Monzo app?

iOS. For instance, if I type ‘Bank Statement’ into the help search field, then choose ‘Getting a Bank Statement after closing your account’ the only way to get back to the home screen is to keep pressing ‘Back’ to return to the help screen, and then ‘Home’

The "Getting a bank statement after closing your account’ screen doesn’t have any action buttons - it only has information - so the only way out is 'back ‘back’ and the further you explore down the menu without finding an action button, the more times you have to press ‘back.’


Looking Good, and looking forward to trying out the features.

Will this allow us to add images to Non Monzo users who we have in the payment page too?

Is there any update on when Business account users will get the new UI? I’m starting to feel left out :frowning:


I’d say the android back button needs a bit of thought too. I’m fairly certain Google made a point a while back about their UX expectations being for the back button to cycle through screen history, rather than close the app. I’m forever closing the app when I actually just wanted to cycle backwards through screens - especially where I’ve clicked a button or CTA to get somewhere.


As part of the budget work are you looking to add support for the third thursday of a month or last friday etc?


“Every week on the 24th” ?

I’m liking the proposed changes. I’ve enabled Joint Account first in labs, thanks!

I am sure the new ui works better if you have 1 account and a couple of pots, but when you have a personal and joint account and each of those have a fair few pots there are a number of issues;

  • The side swiping just doesn’t make sense. Slow and confusing.
  • Switching between Joint and Personal takes an annoyingly large number of swipes and scroll and taps
  • Its not anywhere near obvious which account you are in. My wife is constantly confused as to what she is looking at and I get that as well
  • The whole drag down to see the list of accounts isn’t natural or obvious. I often see my wife trying to work out how to get back to the main account listing screen
  • On android if you are on the account listing and you select an account the back button takes you out of the app. Well annoying.

Good to see you listening to feedback and I am hopeful the app will get back to making more sense at some point!

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