Calculate splits in local currency (Bill Splits & Shared Tabs)

I think these things are best illustrated with a real life use case, so here goes …

I have created a Shared Tab for holiday expenses incurred on a trip abroad. When it comes to splitting the bill I would like the option to switch to the currency in which the expense was originally charged.

For example I paid the bill in Euros in a restaurant and this has appeared in my Monzo account. I know that one of my friends owes €25, but as the Shared Tab only allows me to split the bill using Sterling I have to do a mental currency calculation first. I would prefer to see the Split Bill charges in Euros, even if it’s not 100% accurate, as this makes more sense when paying in a foreign currency.

Thanks for listening!

It would make lots of sense for all splits (Bill Splits and Shared Tabs) to be made in the currency of the transaction.

It would also be great if the split was originally made using the current Mastercard rate (before the transaction is settled) and then have the splits automatically update when the transaction settles.

This gets my vote


I totally agree. The tabs feature is super useful for group holidays, but at the end of (for example) a meal, you’re presented with a receipt in the local currency, whilst you can only divide the tab up in GBP. Using the original currency would make this so much easier. A million votes for this!

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This sounds like it would be very useful.

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This is something my friends and I experienced travelling when we went to split in our shared tab trying to work out how much you owed in GBP rather than EUR was a pain


Also had the same issue recently, was a bit of a nightmare.

One of the guys mentioned splitwise allows it that way but i dont use it so not sure?

This is a great idea and something a group of us discussed on a recent holiday. We all got monzo to make bill splitting easier for the holiday but realised later we would have to work out exchange rates each time. This feature would be great

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Same here :100:
The feature came in really handy on a trip to Portugal with a friend, however we would sometime want to split restaurant bills unequally: we had to add up items prices in EUR then multiply by the expected Mastercard rate in order to enter the correct amount back in the app in GBP. This quickly became kind of a tedious exercise :sweat:

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That would be really useful, same experience here, went to a restaurant abroad and wanted to split a bill in local currency, so we had to multiply by the expected Mastercard rate in order to enter the amount in GBP.

+1 on this, having just come back from a holiday and wished this feature existed