‘Spent Today’ still not making any sense

Have definitely posted about this before in that I noticed ‘spent today’ not taking into account incoming payments and thus not reflecting what you’ve spent today. My point then was “what’s the point of bill splitting if you’re then told you’ve spent an amount greater than in actuality”.

I’ve just realised today that a TFL refund that came in did affect ‘spent today’ but bill split payments still don’t.

And my question is…why? Why on earth should this be expected behaviour?


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I think (but i may be wrong) that this is because ‘spent today’ is how much is left your account over 24 hours. If I spent £40 and then someone transfers me £10 - I’ve still spent £40.

On an aside, I would argue that budgetTing on Summary Tab SHOULD account for payments in as well as out; so if anything I think it is the budgeting that isn’t acting as expected.

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totally agree

But if I spend £40 and £10 of that was buying someone else’s lunch/groceries/drink etc then I haven’t spent £40. I get maybe an inbound transaction is different but these are bill splits I’ve received back.

It surely isn’t ‘spending’ if you buy something for someone else and get immediately paid back. You haven’t used that money for yourself at all and are merely an intermediary between your friend and the shop/venue/whatever.


I have always considered ‘spent today’ to total up what’s left the account. Everyone will consider it differently, but that’s how I view it.

Even if your mate sends £10 immediately after you buy something on their behalf, £40 is still leaving your account before it is then replenished - and from what I can tell, all this feature does is keep a running total of Debits from the account.

Like I said, I would expect the Budgeting feature to reflect this, but not Spent Today. On that note, it doesn’t do it on Budgeting and I think that does need sorting.

Edit: I misread your reply before (though my previous points still stand); the issue with Bill splits is that for you the other party may pay back in minutes whereas someone else may have a less reliable payer causing the split to span multiple days.
Then there is the argument that despite the fact the bill was settled/split, the full transaction was initially debited from your account so is technically still your spend despite splitting the bill. I honestly think that what you truly want is budgeting to work properly, because that is where I would expect the balance to update based on credits as well as debits.

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In reply to your edit, sure. But if that does come back in on the day then it should surely reflect.

Even with your point of it totalling and reflecting what’s left in your account, it doesn’t do that if a bill split comes back in.

Also, the fact that refunds do credit the amount down, why should an inbound payment from a mate be different? Arguably, under your logic, the refund shouldn’t credit either as I’ve still ‘spent’ X and had it leave my account. I’d say that if one were to credit it should be repayments from bill splits and actually refunds shouldn’t as they will surely be for transactions days ago etc and so your real ‘spent today’ number shouldn’t be affected.

I was unaware that a refund counted towards credit. I stand by the fact that Spent Today should only consider Outbound payments and that Budgeting should consider both.

So I guess I agree that both are broken, but I see Spent Today as broken in different way to how you consider it.

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Wondering if the wording was changed would this alter the view of it? Instead of ‘Spent Today’ it could be ‘Transactions Today’ (too long I know).

Dunno, just wary that the wording may be the issue, not the amounts shown?

Haha fair enough. Yeah I’d have less of an issue if neither credited. But the fact that one does and another doesn’t is the most difficult thing to reconcile.

Might go some of the way. I’ve always been a bit annoyed by it but accepted it.

It was only when I realised that a refund affected the amount but incoming transfers didn’t that I made the post. I think whatever the wording this is definitely inconsistent and I don’t understand why?

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Yea.m, I think the most logical for me is that NO inbound transaction should affect Spent Today; but budgetTing should reflect in and outbound - as if I think I have £410 for the month and I get another tenner on day one - going up by £20 makes sense.

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