Partially settle a Shared Tab

It would be nice to be able to pay a tab only partially if the amount of money in the account is not enough to pay it 100%.

I found myself in a position when I want to repay immediately part of it but I can (example shared monthly mortgage ) but I don’t need to repay the rest.

We’d love to use the shared tab but It cannot work like that.

Could it be useful?

We could use the “request money” feature but we want to keet track of all transactions in the shared tab, it is easier.


I would have found this really useful a number of times.

Would also be able to set scheduled payments into Shared Tabs so you can pay them off over a period of time or on pay day.

Just been looking how to do this. We’ve built up a large shared tab and just want a part of it paid off… Can’t find any way of doing it?

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Would also love this feature

I have to agree with this. The only way I’ve found to keep track of the tab and still settle only part of the total value is this:

Let’s say I have a tab with me and one other person. In the tab I owe them £200 for a flight on a holiday but I only have £100 to spare right now.
I send them £100 directly (outside of the tab) and then add that transaction to the shared tab and say they owe me the full £100.
This seems a bit counter intuitive, but it does work out mathematically as it reduces the amount I owe them by £100.

It’s a bit of a pain, but it does the job for now.

For sure I’d much rather an option to partially settle a shared tab though :slight_smile: