Ability to add communal receipts + notes to Shared Tabs & Bill Splits

We need the ability to add (or show) receipts in Shared Tabs and Bill Splits.

My girlfriend and I have been trialing Shared Tabs to split our expenses and we love the convenience but, coming from Splittr, which we love, we really miss the ability to add receipts and notes.

Itemised receipts + notes are essential for validating transactions, especially when they’re weeks or months old and neither of you can remember what was in them. And especially for things like groceries, which involve many items, including some that we’re not splitting with each other.

We feel a bit blind doing it in Monzo without receipts + notes, so we’re sticking mostly with Splittr for now.


Completely agree.

It would be great to have an option to add a and/or receipt to a Bill Split request when you send them.

These notes and receipts could then appear as the transaction reference and receipt when someone accepts a Bill Split request.

This would make things so much easier in managing payments in our situation. Please let’s get some more votes for this. :+1:t2:


This is the single biggest (simple) thing i think is missing. It would just be such a big quality of life improvement.

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I’ve just started using shared tabs and noticed that you can’t add notes/receipts. It would make it a lot easier to identify what the actual purchase was.

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