✅ Track pending money requests sent from Payments tab

Now that Monzo allows directly requesting money from friends, it will be great if there is a tab to keep track of all these pending requests!

Right now if my friend does not respond to my request I won’t be able to see a record of my request on the app at all. Even if my request is rejected all I get is a notification and thereafter no record of it will remain anywhere.

Edit: Tracking of unpaid requests can be done if you split the bill from an existing payment. But if you request directly from someone in the Payments tab, there’s no way to keep track of it!

There is! In the “payments” section there is a “shared” tab.

What would be cool is the ability to link incoming transactions to pre-existing ones.

And example would be me paying for dinner, slitting the bill, but having my friend pay me back from another account.

Doesn’t work for Monzo.me splits/requests though

Good point!

Split the bills show up in the new style app which is great.

Build 522 on iOS

Bill splits have been shown in the app for a while.

But if you request money from another user from the Payments tab, the unpaid request doesn’t appear anywhere.


This would be extremely useful.

I just sent 15 money requests for a group event that I fronted the cash for and I now have no idea what the status of them is.

Did I miss one on the list? I have no idea!

Will have to keep a close eye on who has paid…


Only just signed up for monzo and so far I’ve been very impressed, not just with the functionality but also the customer service.

I just wanted to add to the above that this is definitely a missing feature… And a big one too!

I loaned my fiancé £30 and then sent a request for £30 as a way of keeping track of what I’m owed but I have absolutely no way to see the status of the request… I can’t even see that I’ve sent a request?!

I had to ask my fiancé to show me her monzo so I could check if actually made the request.

Please tell me this is being worked on.




Wish this was there too, at the moment I use a shared tab even if it’s one payment for this very reason

Yeah, that works fine for splitting bills (if I’m understanding you correctly) but if you’re just owed money… Not sure how I can even use monzo for this… Requests must disappear which I found out odd.

You can use a shared tab for this, I do it too!! Great way to keep them tracked.

You can add a “custom bill” so doesn’t have to be a transaction made with Monzo:

I can’t find this option… I can’t even find anything mentioning bills?

Can you give me some details please?

Go to the payments tab, then shared, then create a shared tab. Put in a name for the tab and select who the tab is with. Once it’s set up, add a manual transaction.

Here’s the sequence, you have to select another person but you can add someone and ask them to leave:

Edit: fixed ordering and sizes

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Haha I watched Zooptopia yesterday, need I say more

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Good suggestion

It is difficult to keep a log of all of the requested or split payments that are outstanding, meaning I frequently request £ for the same thing twice.

It would be great if there was a UI, perhaps within the payments tab that clearly shows the outstanding split or requested £ - it will also massively help with budgeting as I can clearly see what money I am expecting back into my account.


You can see outstanding split requests by going to Payments > Share.

For outstanding requests made not linked to a payment, you can’t do that yet, please vote for the idea above.

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