Tags/search - capital/uncapital, same tags as merchants - broken

Hi, sorry I searched but couldn’t find the original tags thread, just a ton of ideas ones. So move if appropriate but fairly sure this doesn’t fall into anything else I saw.

Brought this up ages ago but tags still recognise ‘#Charity’ and ‘#charity’ as different which imo is very unhelpful. Sometimes capitalisation is on for first tag, sometimes not, and sometimes the tag will be first and only, sometimes it’ll be one of two or three. This means having to ensure you’re always doing it the right way when surely search could be clever enough to ignore capitalisation?

Secondly, if I tag a transaction as ‘#ebay’ (when posting something for example), or as ‘#apple’ and #tech, clicking on the one which also corresponds to a merchant just takes you to search, rips away the # and shows you all your merchant transactions by that name. Again, not helpful at all. Also, ironically and annoyingly, even if my ‘ebay’ tag has a little ‘b’, search recognises that as the same as merchant ‘eBay’ with a capital ‘b’.

Honestly maybe this is more of a search problem? But 1. Surely search should recognise capitalised and uncapitalised words as the same, and certainly tags so as not to break their use. And 2. I should be able to use a tag for something the same as a merchant name without having that borked as well when going into search.

Hoping this can be fixed cus it is v annoying.

I reported that months ago. I think from that you will be able to draw a sensible conclusion as to when it might be fixed.

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Lol sick :ok_hand:

Yeah, it certainly makes me sad that a feature is released - with pretty obvious issues to anyone using it for an even slightly extended period of time - and then just left to never be updated again :slight_smile:

Just like categories and budgets which covers just about everything major that distinguishes from legacy banks apps.

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Yep. It’s not the first, and won’t be the last, I suspect.

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