Non-ISA Flexible Savings is back

… unless you have a Joint Account :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: Bloody ridiculous!
Joint Account:

In the Personal Account:


They are not available for me at the moment (:android:).

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Does it still have a £500 minimum limit?

Yeah its £500 instead of £1,000 and it’s OakNorth instead of Investec.


Doesn’t look like these have rolled out to everyone. I don’t have the option yet.

Maybe it’s because I signed up to be notified when they were back… on my Joint Account.

Yeah I’m not seeing this option either yet but glad to see it’s making a comeback!

This is what what said about it yesterday…

I don’t see it yet.

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Not there for me yet :disappointed:

Not showing for me yet either. (:android::hot_coral_heart: )