Monzo Quarterly Update: Q3 2019

@Sheri’s here with the first of our now quarterly updates about what we’ve been building and what’s coming up next!

Let us know your feedback on the new format :pray:


Hey! Great updates! RE the redesign in Monzo labs, I used to have the design but was booted out of it, I can’t see the option to join it in Monzo Labs :frowning: Is there something I’m missing?

Are you a business account holder? I think if you get a business account it no longer shows…


That’ll be it. Cheers Hassan <3

No problem!

Amongst the most popular suggestions were metal cards, contents insurance and mobile insurance. So, that’s what we’re working to bring you this quarter!


Wow! Nice! Waiting for mobile insurance and breakdown cover to close my nationwide account :nerd_face:

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Not even working on bringing Monzo Plus to joint accounts*. :pensive:

(*This quarter, before I get shot down…)

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It’s all well and good working hard to add all these features, but it feels like you’re neglecting core features.

For example I can’t use the budgeting features because I get paid on the 4th Thursday of every month ! A massive feature that I can’t use!


As part of the app overhaul Monzo have hinted many times that they will take another look at the summary.

You can still use summary - it will just a be a little out every month. I know, because I have to do it too.


I agree with you that the flexibility should be there with Summary, especially because there’s not parity between the platforms at the moment and not having any idea on when it will be considered just sucks.

Having said that saying you can’t make use of what I would agree is a massive (probably the best) feature of Monzo is a little far. You can in the meantime use a fixed date to budget between even if it’s not precisely aligned to your salary; I know because I do it.

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I’m in a similar position.

But… I’ve a workaround which actually I prefer now!

I’ve a “salary” pot that I shove £2k in on payday. Funds over £2k go into various other pots. Then I set up a scheduled withdrawal to empty the “salary” pot on the last day of the month, so effectively pay myself a salary.

I now budget month by month and have adjusted to this. It negates awkward paydays that are 5 weeks apart because of the number of Thursdays in the month.


Never thought of doing this, it’s even better! I do basically this for my JA to align with my partners payday but never thought of employing it on my own account. Your good deed for the day is done :+1:



Hey guys ! Some good replies and ideas ! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face: - hopefully the summary feature gets looked at soon.

Looking forward to mobile phone insurance!

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Yep also get paid on last Thursday of each month, its frustrating to not have an accurate budget with the feature.

No international transfers is disappointing. But good to hear about Monzo Plus metal cards.

In or out?

In, my girlfriend needs it to be done securely for her paycheck to go in