Bringing attention to "part baked" features

I’ve been reading the forums a lot lately. I’ve come across many posts suggesting monzo never seems to finish certain or most features.
For instance one that I’m always waiting on is flexible pay periods… They claim to have made it more flexible than it used to be. But me being paid the last Friday of every month, I can’t get it setup right.
I think they need a team to polish off the feature they’re working on before being allowed to start on or join another feature.

I thought it a good idea to bring unpolished features to monzos attention here?

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Perhaps you would like to create a bullet point list through ongoing edits to your first post, to collect them together

I have just tweaked the name of this thread to fix a typo and to bring it in line with your point. Hope you do not mind

I will look at doing that if nobody does a list further down first

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You could turn your original post into a Wiki, then anyone can edit it.

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This is the post that prompted me to post. I’ve seen a fair few other things suggested elsewhere.

May be a silly question… How do I make the original post a wiki?

Not silly, had to check myself

  1. Go to original post
  2. Select … bottom right
  3. Select spanner icon
  4. Select ‘Make Wiki’ button

Happy cake day, by the way

Curious, maybe your trust level is not high enough right now

Created a new thread as a wiki because I seem to be able to and OP cannot:

@Coral-Crew, can you please close this thread so that we can continue only on the other one?


Thanks. It seems to be the trust level yes.

Closed in favour of the wiki thread.