Scheduled & recurring Monzo-to-Monzo payments

Currently you have to enter their s/c & acc no. to schedule recurring payments to another Monzo user. You should be able to do it with the quick pay on the payments page, same with joint to personal and vice versa


The same issue exists with joint accounts I think. I can’t see where to schedule a ‘Move Money’. I’ve had to add the account details like a reasonable bank account.


This feature would be really useful and would also allow people to easily set up scheduled payments from Personal to Joint Account and vice versa.


I tried to do this today and was astonished to see how it currently works :scream:

+1 to this.

Any one from Monzo got any input on this?

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Still not a thing! :open_mouth:

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Monzo to monzo, personal to joint, business to personal. I could forgive this a year ago when bank accounts were still relatively now, but it’s a travesty to still have to copy and paste on mobile. Come on monzo!


Is this seriously not already a feature? I just went to schedule a payment from my personal account into my joint account as I was toying with starting to pay bills over there and maybe fully CASS. I then realised that this isn’t possible without me setting up a standing order where I have to put all of my joint account details in.


Bumping and voting for this. Making money work for me involved me convincing all my friends to get Monzo, cus we can easily send money to each other.

It doesn’t work fully unless I can schedule payments. Having to ask for account number and sort code defeats the entire point of us both being on Monzo :man_shrugging:


Great that you can now add scheduled, recurring payments to Shared Tabs! I use this for splitting bills with my flatmate who is also on Monzo.

Shame we had to send each other our acct & sort code and manually enter them to set it up. :roll_eyes:


Would be good, but what is the actual technical benefit of Monzo to Monzo payments? Emoji?

Easier to remember a friends name or your own than a random 8 digit number

There’s a larger character limit on payment references and (I think) it’s slightly cheaper for Monzo.

Bumping this up! :blush: Definitely would be a useful feature!

Hi, I pay my rent to my flatmate via Monzo and I realised that there isn’t an option to set up a recurring payment to a monzo user without having to put in their Account Number and sort code. I think it would be great to add a recurring payment option when sending someone money to their monzo account.

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This feature has already been suggested. You can vote for it here:


It makes little sense that we can send money to our friends on Monzo just by tapping their name but when we want to schedule a payment to them or our OWN account we need to get account details like an old fashioned bank. Please fix this Monzo!

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Hi everyone,

I have checked the similar posts and cannot find anything specific - please shift over if there is one :+1:

I have a friend (Monzo user) whom I regularly send money back and forth with. The app recognises them as a payee and we often split bills etc.

Noticed something that I think could be an improvement…

Wanted to set up a schedule payment to this person’s Monzo account. Thought it would be as easy as tapping on their picture (either in my statement feed, or within ‘recent’ payments section and then from there set the amount and set a schedule for it. However (admittedly I might be being stupid here :man_facepalming:) I could not see a way to do this. Rather I had to manually set up a schedule payment from scratch.

If I haven’t missed anything and this is indeed the current way in which it operates, might it be an improvement to be able to simply tap the person that you have sent multiple payments to and have the option to

  1. send a one-off payment (as is the current setup)
  2. create a schedule payment to this payee as an alternative step to 1 above

Hope this makes sense - too early … where’s that coffee? :coffee:



It’s a good suggestion.

I just checked: It’s a feature with Starling.

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Cheers :+1:

I am full Monzo - totally love it and just assumed it would be that easy - because everything else is :ok_hand:

Glad I am not missing something!