Edit scheduled payments into pots

(Simon Woodward) #1

At the moment it seems you have to delete and recreate… I’d love to be able to just edit the amounts / date / schedule.

List of "part baked" features [Wiki]
Schedule payments into Pots!
(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #2

That’s correct, you can only edit a standing order for now :blush:

I’m sure monzo are planning on allowing us to edit our scheduled pot payments though! :grin: Hopefully it won’t be too long before that sees the light of day :sunglasses:

(Jolin) #3

I got caught out by this yesterday. In the end I left it as is, because it was too much hassle to delete and recreate. I do hope editing transfers to pots appears soon.

(Simon Woodward) #4

Still no sign of this on the roadmap ? I’m having to do this a bit, It seems I maybe in a minority ?, but personally this is right at the top of my wishlist :-).


I was surprised you cant edit the amount. Add me to this wish list please.

(Anastasia ) #6

I’d like to echo a wish for this functionality. It’s a headache to delete and remake to edit the amount or date it comes out.

(keithy) #7

Me too +1 :slight_smile:

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(Daniel) #8

Just keeping this towards the top of the forum

I have 20+ scheduled payments and being able to edit the amounts/dates would be amazing


Yes need this plus schedule payments every 28 days every 4weeks on iOS :wink:

(Simon Woodward) #10

That time of the month again where I need to make any adjustments to my monthly pot payments… Delete and recreate here I come …

(Daniel) #11

Have to love the yearly RPI increases, thankfully only need to edit 1 this time around

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(Simon Woodward) #12

Bump for the addition of the voting button :slight_smile:


Voted. This would be a useful addition!


This would be great, I came on here to see how I could edit these. With budgets changing with new tax year etc it would be a great feature to be able to edit the scheduled payment.

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(Stiven Skyrah) #15

Really hope this happens soon! Kinda painful and inconsistent RN. A payments a payment.

(Eliott Glinn) #16

I would also love this function! I have about 5 scheduled transactions and I hate having to delete the pot and reschedule all the transactions just to change the amount for one of them! Hope to see this soon :crossed_fingers: