Enter amount in foreign currency - International transfers

When doing an international transfer, I should be able to enter a value in e.x. Euros. Currently the only option is to enter a GBP value.

If I’m paying someone in Euros, then more often than not I’m going to know the value I want to pay them in Euros, not GBP.


Agreed - I had this issue this week. is it likely to be changed do we know?

Absolutely. You can do this directly in the TransferWise app.

It’s been like this since it was introduced months (?) ago, and I haven’t heard anything about it from Monzo.

Absolutely this.

This would improve the UX when sending international payments so much.


Hi All, a bit of feedback on the international transfers:

#1 Allow amount to be specified in destination currency: I only seem to be able to enter the source currency (destination currency calculated with fees) - This is far from ideal as I’m typically paying for an amount demanded in the destination currency.
I worked around by repeatedly entering the source currency amount until I got what I needed, which is a pain.

**#2 Long recipient name elides the destination amount **: When entering the amount to transfer, if the recipient has a long name, then this is shown in its entirety & the amount is elided as ‘1…’, for example; clearly at this point the number is the more important and should be shown fully.

I got there in the end, and with relative ease, but the suggestions above would have made the process significantly simpler.

Cheers - JT

You can vote for this feature here:

Your second point is a good one too.

Thanks for the pointer, I voted for the existing feature request for entering in foreign currency :+1:

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I’d just use Transferwise. So much simpler. Far less pain.

Not sure if I’m missing something here but you only seem to be able to send overseas payments by choosing the sterling amount, which is then converted into your chosen currency.

This makes it difficult to send an exact currency amount, as you have to keep playing with the sterling figure until you get close enough to the foreign currency amount.

It would be helpful if you could enter the currency amount, which the app would then convert back into what you’ll be charged in sterling.


I’m surprised this wasn’t implemented when international transfers were added, its common sense surely? I know how much I want the other person on the other end to get in their currency, not how much GBP I need to give them. Even Starling gets this right!

Hi all,

Love the integration to TransferWise. 1 thing that might be helpful. Currently you type in “I want to send £100” which means the user will get “xx”.

It would be helpful to do it the other way round? I.E. - I know my recipient needs 100CHF, so I type in the “user receives” box 100CHF, and therefore the system knows that’s me sending £89.00 (example figures). Currently, I’m typing in £88, they receive 99.7CHF, then I’m trying £88.10 - in order to get it to the right amount and constantly adjusting it by a little bit until I get the right figure

Just a thought, but being able to edit either side of the equation would be useful!


in Revolut they have this nailed down, it’s a little arrow that flips the currencies around allowing exactly this.

Hopefully it can be copied.


This is also how international payments are implemented in Starling’s app. You can decide whether to input how much you want to send in your currency or how much you want the recipient to receive in theirs.


Glad it’s not just me being stupid… I thought I was doing something wrong haha

Definitely think it’s a worthwhile fix! :smile:

Definitely not. You can do this exact thing directly in the TransferWise app.

I logged on today to make this suggestion too.

Every single time I’m sending someone money, I need to send them the specific amount I owe. I’ve been using TransferWise for this until now, so I was excited that my new Monzo account had this built right in.

Please allow us to specify the amount the recipient should receive!


I tried to send an international payment today and thought I was going mad, as I had to enter the money I wanted to send in £ sterling, rather than the money in € for the invoice.
I can’t believe that the ability to inter the amount the recipient needs in the currency you are sending in, should be common sense.
I’m surprised it was not implemented from day one.
The experience was poor on functionality but great on price - several pounds cheaper than what my bank quoted…

Everyone was. You can use TransferWise to do this.

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